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The Spinward Marches In Drawings

Back in October,  we visited the Spinward Marches.  I did some very quick drawings as I went along, but have only just got round to uploading them.  

We visited the rich desert world of Carthage, where arcologies tower among the sand dunes. 

We followed a trail of clues to the remains of a space battlefield, occupied by space-squatters and in orbit around a brown dwarf star. 

We had come to the settlement at the starship battlefield because we had picked up two people who had been exposed to terrible doses of radiation during the battle years ago. They were now both suffering from the effects and had decided to take the 'last walk' together into space.  It was terribly sad.  

We landed on Focaline, and were determined to be prepared for anything.  We did a lot of shopping and loaded it all on our hoversled (that's my Aslan character on the right, very tall and thin and rather amazed at the sheer quantity of shopping. ) 

In an isolated corner of the planet, we found an ominous-looking tower on a snowy hillside. 

We found a secret chamber under the mysterious tower.  It had a very low ceiling, so I stayed above and shone my torch through the trap door instead.  That's chainmailmaiden with the silly grin in the middle there,.  For some reason pwibethran insisted on sitting on the chair, even though his head was perilously at risk. 

The major export of Focaline is a goat-like animal with long toes called a groat.  We were therefore pleased to find that in Real Life  the local Spar butcher sells Groat sossidges.  They taste quite good too, although they are admittedly one of the more suggestive-looking foods I have eaten. 

Almost at the end of our adventure, we dived bravely (in our shuttle) into a gas giant, where we found a mysterious floating city-thing.  You'll note that there are six members of the party shown here.  For reasons I now forget, a pot of basil joined us about half way through our adventure.  It proved to be one of the more useful members of the party (when visiting a dodgy-looking alien city, it's quite handy to have a party member where you can nip bits off and put them through portals and things first to see if they come out again looking crunchy and blackened). 

I look a bit more like a meerkat than an Aslan (lion-alien) in this picture, but I suppose that's the risk of being a very very tall thin and weedy Aslan...

Playing an Aslan was OK, but I'm still sad I wasn't allowed to play a hiver this time.  Apparently you don't get Hivers much in the Spinward Marches.  


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10th Dec, 2012 08:30 (UTC)
Groat sausages! I like how the internet tells me that groat sausages are a traditional Lithuanian dish - No! They're traditionally Finnish! - No, they're Polish! - No! They're from Devon, and don't let those dastardly Cornish people claim otherwise!

It has long been known that a pot of basil is an essential member of any role-playing party, as evidenced by one of the many sketches that the pre-Raphaelites produced in the course of their own longrunning D&D campaign.
10th Dec, 2012 08:47 (UTC)
I darkly suspect that groat sausages are made wherever people have run out of meat to put inside the sausage :-D

Isabella's basil looks huge and impressive compared to the gas giant one! I wonder if our party member was looking speculatively at our heads and wondering when it would get to eat one.
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