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I have just realised I haven't written any fiction since October! Did I run out of things to write, going on and on about Roman Egypt in Splendid Things Gleam in the Dust...?  It was a bit long, I hope I haven't run out of words! 

Normally I am not the most fiction-writing-y person so I suppose this represents a reversion to the norm, but I have enjoyed the writing, so I think I shall try again. I am usually much less driven to write than I am to draw and paint - which is irritating, as I feel my writing is probably more generally pleasing than my painting.   I can't not draw, even though a lot of the time what I see in the finished result is very annoying inadequacies of planning and technique, whereas I can reasonably easily not write, but I almost always enjoy reading things that I wrote*. That, I suppose, is Sod's Law.

I am slightly tempted to go back to Roman Egypt and put in yet more scenes to Splendid Things that I didn't have time to write. But that is probably the counsel of fools. It is finished!  It's tempting to write more about Rowena, the golden witch in a crimson gown from The Lantern Bearers and Sword at Sunset.   I really like Rowena, and it would be a chance to writte more about Saxons, and possibly find out what happens to Flavia too.  I do love Saxons, and Rosemary Sutcliff is so mean about them!

And then, somewhere at the back of my head, Cunoval is still going on at me to write the epic triumph of how the Brigantes brought down the Ninth Legion. The upwardly-mobile romance of Cottia's Uncle Kaeso and Aunt Valaria remains unwritten!

But I think I shall go back to Marcus and Esca's Adventures in Dumnonia. I have already got 5000 words of that and have done a truly insane amount of research, so it seems a waste not to try to finish it.

* possibly one isn't supposed to admit to that sort of thing?  But I do, so there it is.
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