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Remember remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

though in fact, nobody does seem to have remembered it in our village today, which I am pleased about, as Az finds the bangs very worrying.  There were a few bangs yesterday, causing Brythen to rush about shouting "WOO!" and Az to put his head under the blanket and pretend to be invisible, but one night of bangs is easy to cope with, whereas several nights is much more difficult.   The cats didn't seem bothered at all.  Mind you, not much ruffles our cats. 

Up on the hill, there is evidence that someone had decided a good way to remember the failed attempt to explode Parliament, would be to push fireworks into dog poo bins until there was an almighty and stinky explosion.

 I really cannot figure out why someone would do this.  Of all the things one could satisfyingly blow up, POO BINs?  Poo bins on Sunday evening at that, so two days uncleared!    Even if it was a political statement, it would be a phenomenally messy and stinky one.   In my shortlist of explodables, I can honestly say that 'poo bins' would never feature,even if I had already exploded my top 20 items and had to cast about for more stuff to explode. 


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5th Nov, 2012 21:47 (UTC)
Maybe they didn't quite think the bins thing through, and got a nasty shock!

I wish I had some fireworks... It's been going on for three days here, so every night I've been thinking, "I wish I had some fireworks." But my yard's too small and, anyway, having fireworks on your own is just sad.
5th Nov, 2012 21:56 (UTC)
Poo bins??? I bet they were covered in it and serve them right.

Tonight has been the worst of three nights of fireworks here. None went off within a two mile radius but it's surprising how that sound travels on a clear night.
5th Nov, 2012 22:43 (UTC)
Ew! I do hope they got some fallout from that.

Still at least it was better than I was imagining when I clicked the link. My first thought was one of the cats or dogs had suffered from a very upset tum.... :-P
6th Nov, 2012 08:43 (UTC)
I think a lot of boys would find the idea of EXLODING POO! very amusing indeed - at least judging by the sort books that come out for boys aged 8 - 12 or so, which are positively scattered all over with poo, usually in as messy and dramatic way possible. But I do hope it exploded prematurely and they got covered.
6th Nov, 2012 14:04 (UTC)
Hmm, although I can see that boys 8-12 would indeed find exploding poo attractive, the prospect of 10 year old boys with explosives is inexpressibly alarming.

Maybe we were lucky to escape with only the poo bins exploded!
6th Nov, 2012 08:44 (UTC)
We'v had fireworks in neighbouring gardens every single night for the last week. Thank heavens Pip is the most laid-back dog in the world when it comes to noise, doesn't even look up. It must be an absolute nightmare for all the local cat-owners.

Blowing up a poo bin! That's the sort of magnificently stupid scheme that surely only a teenage mastermind could come up with...
6th Nov, 2012 14:18 (UTC)
I swear the Bungles enjoy it, little monsters that they are: they watch through the windows. The dogs seemed more troubled, but then both of mine are a little high-strung anyway.
6th Nov, 2012 22:40 (UTC)
Floss likes fireworks too, she spent her first bonfire night out in the lean-to nose glued to the window. Linds disapproves of them, big time. She isn't scared she just frowns at us at every bang, presumably expecting us to turn them off :-)
(Deleted comment)
6th Nov, 2012 14:05 (UTC)
I swear our Bungles actively enjoy fireworks. Strange, strange cats they are.
8th Nov, 2012 19:49 (UTC)
That's the sort of nonsense you get round this neck of the woods...
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