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Rainbows and Hailstones

I got snowed on yesterday (very briefly) and hailed on this morning! In Cornwall! At the very start of November! What Is It With The Weather This Year? As all dogwalkers are saying to each other with monotonous regularity at present.
This morning, I made a dramatic tableau with Brythen. On one side of us, blue skies, the sun glancing on the river far below and the sunlight gilding the fading grass. On the other, deep purple skies full of hail, lurking menacingly behind the golden hilltop. Poised between the darkness and the light, limned in a sunbeam, a hound in a dramatic pose, one paw lifted, indicating the presence of a rabbit somewhere in a bush. Also poised: me, in a dramatic pose indicating that I am not letting go of the lead so that he can go and find said rabbit (on the grounds that it's very nearly raining, and when it rains, hound ceases to be a Dramatic Pointing Beast and becomes a large sad puddle of miserable puppy trying to hide in a bush.)

And one more for luck, in the afternoon.   I really should stop photographing rainbows and do some work, but they are so pretty! 




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2nd Nov, 2012 12:12 (UTC)
Beautiful. I love Cornwall
2nd Nov, 2012 12:29 (UTC)
Lovely lighting! I love it when you get a brightly illuminated landscape against the pitchy black sky of impending soggy doom. Sadly, I never seem to have my camera with me when it happens.

The weather really is very bizarre. We're alternating between doom-laden blackness and hideous drench, and glorious sunshine and unbroken blue skies, each phase lasting only about half an hour. Rainbows pop up every now and then, heedless of whether it's raining or sunny, and occasionally some random thunder shouts that it would like to join the party, but nobody lets it, so it goes off and sulks somewhere else.
2nd Nov, 2012 13:39 (UTC)
Is a Pointing Beast a distant relative of the Questing Beast?
2nd Nov, 2012 13:48 (UTC)
If he made a noise like thirty couple of hounds questing, it would be easier to find him when he disappeared in the bushes!

Arguably, he could be said to have a neck like a snake and a body like a leopard. Or at least, a spotty tummy like a leopard...
2nd Nov, 2012 13:59 (UTC)
I have clearly got to meet this animal!
2nd Nov, 2012 14:01 (UTC)
Nah, he can't be a Questing Beast; king_pellinor showed absolutely no interest in him. (Except when they went boinging off together at the Gorge of Death, that is.)

(And now I'm imagining a disapproving damsel coming up to King Pellinor or Sir Palomides, her castle all trampled behind her, and saying, "So you're the owner.")
2nd Nov, 2012 14:10 (UTC)
2nd Nov, 2012 14:06 (UTC)
Amazing photos!It keeps feeling more like winter than autumn!
2nd Nov, 2012 18:07 (UTC)
I thought our weather was interesting - purple-black skies full of rooks and general Dark-is-Rising light effects - but it's not nearly as dramatic as yours! We have yet to experience the hail and snow, thank heavens...
2nd Nov, 2012 23:45 (UTC)
That is a beautiful userpic!
2nd Nov, 2012 23:41 (UTC)
Lovely colours!
3rd Nov, 2012 01:29 (UTC)
Those pictures are just beautiful: the dark, dark sky sliced by the rainbows.
8th Nov, 2012 19:49 (UTC)
Oooh! Nice double rainbow - and beautifully illustrating the fact that it's brighter inside the bow than without. Ah, I love the Atmospheric Phenomena website, with its sundogs and circumzenithal arcs, and crepuscular rays and all that...
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