bunn (bunn) wrote,

Things Done and Undone

1) On Thursday I went to see my mother and tried to set up her new wireless router.  
Failed, because she has only one machine, which is running Linux, and I could not get it to see the router or work out why it could not see it.  Of course the 'easy setup routine' and all the support documentation related to either Windows pcs or Macs, and I have zero experience of Linux on LANs. I bailed out and left it to my sister, who supplied the machine, to fiddle with. 

2) On Friday, I went to see my oldest friend K and her husband and kids.
Somehow, it is 6 years since we last met up (at smallest K's Christening! )    It was nice to see the small K's  bickering and climbing trees and wanting to paddle in the river even though it was October: looking and sounding SO much like their Mum at the same ages...  Brythen thought they were a little loud and alarming, but he warmed up to the smallest K when she gave him a bit of her scone. :-D    I didn't take Az, thought it would be a bit much for him. 

3) on Saturday, I cleared the small mountain of branches which I made a couple of weeks ago cutting the hedge, off the front lawn, and philmophlegm</lj> heroically mowed all the lawns (cutting it very fine as the first frost arrived that morning, but they were looking very shaggy).   I also took all the clematis out of an apple tree.  That apple didn't do so well this year, and I think the clematis might be too much for it.  I shall try to route the clematis over to the willow next to it instead - that doesn't have to worry about making apples! 

4) On Sunday night I tried to watch Quantum of Solace but got distracted and did some work instead.  OK brain, I have stopped trying to understand how you work.   Brythen did NOT want to go to bed on Sunday (possibly he wanted to see the end of Quantum of Solace?)  and kept bouncing and throwing Benny Banana at me.   Persuaded to go to bed, he got up at 5am and opened the door so he could go and play with the cats, who all came charging up the stairs to complain loudly about their naps being interrupted. 

5) Today, Brythen was in a naughty mood. After having disgraced himself two weeks ago by disappearing for ages, and eventually reappearing to the sound of another dog owner going 'So YOU'RE the owner'  - *guilt* - he had been really good last week: I've been bribing him with chopped chicken and doing lots of playing on walks, and using the lead if I thought he was getting distracted, and was really pleased with how well he was doing. But today, I was apparently,  Very Very Boring Bunn and I could see he wasn't focussing on me, or my whirly toy and bag of chopped chicken thighs.  He just  wanted to bugger off and chase rabbits in the bramble-bushes.  Sigh.  I did stop him disappearing, but it's always a little depressing when things go backwards.   Overtired? 

Incidentally, I note that last time I used my 'k' tag, way back in Jan 2007, I was also moaning about Az having run into a barbed wire fence and having to be stapled.  COINCIDENCE OR CONSPIRACY???
Tags: dogs, films, garden, k, things that make you go hmmm, walks

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