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Undisciplined hound and low clouds

Yesterday was an odd weather day.  The clouds were sitting very low over the country, hovering barely out of reach above the hilltops and occasionally sending down streamers of mist onto the taller hills on the edge of Dartmoor.  Under the cloud, very still, clear air, so that despite the mists, you could see a very long way - all the way along the coast, way past Plymouth into the South Hams,  and West as far as the china-clay spoilheaps of St Austell.   All of this under a close-fitting lid of thick grey cloud. 

I don't know if it was the weather or if the rabbits were just particularly active that evening, but Brythen was a Very Bad Dog and buggered off into the distance to run about madly in the Far Away - probably as much as half a mile away, when you could see him.    He has done this before, but not for so long. This was really quite a major absence, and It Will Not Do.

Today, the clouds were even lower, in that they were sitting quite comfortably all over the hills I live on.  I'm not sure if it was still clear lower down, but where I was, it was thick as soup and absolutely soaking.   I went out anyway, and as part of the This Will Not Do campaign, I made Brythen wear his harness and kept him on a long lead.  

Neither the soaking mist nor the lead made him happy, but I really think he's going to have to be on the line for a while until he'll consent to come when called and not disappear into the middle distance.   I did lots of reeling him in and treating him with liver paste, which he ate, though not with great enthusiasm.   In theory at least, this should help.

Then, of course, somebody's speedy offlead whippet shot past us out of the fog, and Brythen tried to shoot after her, and he pulled me over and I got even wetter falling on my face in the mud.  Grrrrr.

It is horribly tempting to let him just do his own thing - because he does always come back *eventually* and he never catches anything, doesn't seem prone to tripping over things or getting hurt, and keeps well clear of the cattle and the ponies.  But really, I do not think it is good enough, if someone asks 'where is your dog?' to have to wave vaguely and say 'West...ish'.

'We still don't know if we will have to move house or not, and likely will not know for a while.  Part of me is saying that it would be interesting to go somewhere different rather than lurking here in my traditional rut, and it might push me into doing new things, or provide new opportunities. 

I have definitely BEEN in a rut for some time, and it has been a little depressing.  In a way, the sudden uncertainty is welcome because ruts are dull.  But another (lazier) part of me is groaning at the thought of the sheer effort and expense of it all, and thinking that 1) I like my rut and 2) I could probably climb a *short* way out of my rut and try something new without actually going to the effort of having to put everything in boxes.


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10th Oct, 2012 23:30 (UTC)
Ruts are surprisingly cosy; it's like one has carpeted a World War One trench. Every time I think I am climbing out of mine, I find I have just dug another section, and bought some more carpet.

Edited at 2012-10-10 23:30 (UTC)
11th Oct, 2012 08:55 (UTC)
Your rut seems to be very well-equipped in the library department, which has to help with the cosiness.
(Deleted comment)
11th Oct, 2012 08:59 (UTC)
Well, you did call him Esca. He's almost bound to turn up one day carrying the angry neighbour's Eagle wrapped in a cloak with a suspiciously-trailing corner... :-D

I think Big Puppy would *like* to be a good dog when he grows up. It's just that there are so many exciting ways to NOT be a good dog...

This morning I caught him stealing the ONE soft toy in this house that is not supposed to be for dogs off the very high shelf that I had previously thought he could not reach... *sigh*
11th Oct, 2012 15:03 (UTC)
You mean this one?
11th Oct, 2012 21:35 (UTC)
Yes. Yes I do. You would think poor Cuddly Cthulhu would have been high enough not to be grabbed by the Dog that Ate the World, but it appears not.
11th Oct, 2012 09:20 (UTC)
I do not think it is good enough, if someone asks 'where is your dog?' to have to wave vaguely and say 'West...ish'

Yes - there's a certain acceptable level of out-of-controlness beyond which the Good Dog-Owner must not pass. And which Pip regularly surpasses. I think you're doing the right thing to battle on with the harness for a while - you really don't want the Big Puppy to get a taste for going off hunting on his own.

11th Oct, 2012 21:37 (UTC)
At the moment it is easy because he's always subdued when it rains anyway. We will see how things go once the sun comes out...

One thing, he's quite good at being on a long line. Mollydog used to be a total nightmare on a longline, you'd clip it on and within seconds you'd have this tangled thing that was part-knot, part-greyhound.
11th Oct, 2012 13:06 (UTC)
Hmm ... ruts ... might have to move ...
11th Oct, 2012 21:37 (UTC)
*taps screen*

Is there an echo inside this thing??
17th Oct, 2012 18:29 (UTC)
Being an echo was (and still is) getting my own thoughts on the subject in order ...
11th Oct, 2012 15:32 (UTC)
I so know what you mean about ruts, especially when you work from home. My new job seems to have successfully hoisted me out of mine in one swift yank but a change of career isn't necessarily what I'd recommend to everyone! Hope things get sorted soon, the uncertainty must be getting wearing.
11th Oct, 2012 21:39 (UTC)
The uncertainty is quite refreshing in a way. Even if we don't have to move, I think it will have been a useful jolt.
11th Oct, 2012 17:23 (UTC)
I hope it all works out satisfactorily. The sentiment of half hoping to be yanked out of the rut, and half not wanting the stress and hassle of it, is certainly not one you're alone in.
11th Oct, 2012 21:40 (UTC)
Arguably ruts are most people's destiny, and one can only hope for a nice one. But it's good to have a change of viewpoint from time to time.
12th Oct, 2012 18:35 (UTC)
*Is amused by all the rutting going on here*

Yes, I have a very Beavis & Butthead sense of humour :-D I'm not meaning to detract from the seriousness of the situation with my sniggering though & I do hope there is a way out of the rut without having to uproot.
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