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Things Done

Went up on Dartmoor to watch our local stage of the Tour of Britain.  It was exciting, although I have to confess my grasp of what was going on was a bit shaky.  Fortunately philmophlegm was packed with relevant knowledge.

It was absolutely heaving.   I have never seen so many cars and people (and dogs, and camper vans, tents and bicycles) scattered randomly over the moor.   This was the peloton making its way through the crowd.

Ate a huge icecream with clotted cream on top.   Was too greedy to photograph the icecream. It was a Willy's.


Retrieved curtains to replace curtains rent in twain by high-velocity dog.

Watched film : Tristran & Isolde. Amusing, though Tristran and Isolde are fundamentally just quite irritating characters and the movie fails to make them less annoying.  Mark of Cornwall and Isolde's pop-eyed Irish maid much more interesting.  Ireland is played  by Ireland, but Cornwall is played, rather unconvincingly, by the Czech Republic.   Liked the overgrown Roman ruins though.

Repaired many dog toys that had been ripped into holes, tails, ears removed etc.  Briefly, our livingroom has no fluffy stuffing decorating it.

Picked blackberries with my mother. Now need to decide what to do with blackberries.  Possibly crumble.
Seem to have accidentally agreed to become vice-chair of Oldies Club.  Drat.
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