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!! What is all this crap!

Finally having Something Done about the ancient underpowered shower that very occasionally decides to cascade water into the kitchen ceiling below, and is surmounted by the ancient extractor fan that wheezes, groans and hiccups.  I mean, it all works, more or less.  But this state of affairs seems unlikely to continue indefinitely.   Anyway, in pursuit of this goal, I had to clear out the cupboard in the shower room.  I have always thought 'what a good idea to have such a generously sized cupboard in here!'  But now I am thinking : excessive bathroom storage : it just SUCKS IN CRUD!

So many sad, cracked forgotten, almost-scentless soaps! An absurd number of headless razors!  Medication marked 'do not consume after 2003'. Did I really need such a wide variety of metallic nailvarnishes?  There is no way I am putting my fingers into the reeking pot of nail varnish remover, which seems to have brewed itself into something much more potent with age.    An unpleasantly dusty cluster of ancient tampon boxes, long rendered redundant by the mooncup.  FOUR forgotten hairbrushes, quite apart from the hairbrush that I usually use.  An absurd number of pink hairbands, remnants of collections of multicoloured hairbands of which the pink ones have been spurned (can you dye hairbands, I wonder?)

Ancient, nostalgic Body Shop Dewberry talc, discoloured but still with a little smell to it.   An almost untouched huge pot of sparkling 'body gloss'.  The time has definitely come to admit that's not going to get used...

Jars and pots containing hair... things.  Some of them are hair things that I had completely forgotten, that look terrifyingly complex, presumably for creating long-forgotten forms of Nineties (possibly even Eighties) Hair.

I have filled a binbag. Goodbye, dusty vanities! I wonder if I should just get that cupboard replaced with a larger bin...
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