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Yogi bear has a home offer at last!

I think I have worked out why a notably un-bear-like female dog might have been named 'Yogi'.  My guess is that a picnic basket was involved: she is an expert thief...

Yogi's home offer is from a gentleman who lives by a beach in Devon, which is ideal, she loves the beach, and I think would love to have a male owner  - but this chap has just turned 90!  I am hoping he is still robust enough for dog ownership : he seems to think he is, but the homechecker will have a good chat with him about walks, throwing balls, etc...   Yogi is 12, so she is no spring chicken herself, but she is quite lively! 

philmophlegm has come up with his foster dog review: it is both brief and somewhat baffling: "Budget Hyena" he says.
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