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These Walking Boots II

Back in March I asked you all for your opinion about how and where I should buy walking boots. Your opinions, were, unsurprisingly, inconclusive, and fearful of acquiring The Wrong Boots Grommit,  I decided to go to a walking boot shop instead.  But alas; the walking shop not only had no boots of that particular style in stock, they had no similar boots at all.  Apparently my preferred boot had been discontinued, and they saw no call for lightweight walking boots in the winter.  (I am not keen on heavy boots.  If it's that wet, I'd rather wear wellies. Crocs wellies are actually surprisingly comfortable to walk in, for the price.).   I left my phone number with the boot shop, assured that they would call me very soon when the summer walking boots came in.  (I'm imagining them bouncing merrily through the door of the shop in pairs under their own steam). 

But the walking boot shop never did call.  Disconsolate, I continued to wear my beloved old boots until the uppers had almost entirely come off the soles, and they were basically held together by a mixture of mud and willpower. 

Today, I found myself not wanting to take mud off the boots, lest the boot should disintegrate.  And so I decided to google my old boots, and found that some enterprising Amazon supplier has found a hidden stockpile of their siblings, and is selling them off at a discount!  I have therefore taken the Sesame Street gamble that two of these boots might not be like the others, and ordered some.  Have toes crossed. 
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