bunn (bunn) wrote,

Beach Hounds and Meteors

On Saturday night, it was almost perfectly clear with no moon, and we sat outside under the Milky Way, watching the Perseid meteors come showering in.  There were quite a few of the traditional 'shooting star' variety, but one thing that I haven't seen before was the number that caused a huge bright flash, like a firework.  Most of these came in at various points along the Northern horizon, and were so bright you could see the few clouds just lurking along the horizon suddenly lit up from behind by the flashes.  And yes, the Triffid issue did come to mind! 

Yesterday evening I decided to take the hounds to a beach.  I don't think Brythen has been to a beach before.  He was quite dubious about it to start with.  Beaches have roaring waves, which are a bit scary, and also all the puddles are salty (he sampled quite a number of them, to check that they were all the same...)   Fortunately, the two oldies were on hand to show him how it worked, and he soon got the hang of things...

The bank behind the sea-wall is covered in flowers at the moment : pink valerian and ox eye daisies and yellow vetches.

And now it is raining AGAIN. Probably I should have mowed the lawn yesterday rather than going to the beach, but sometimes Life Is Too Short.
Tags: dogs, lurcher, photos, walks
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