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Surely that was more than 2.5 miles? And other assorted matters

This morning I and the hounds walked from the top of Kit Hill down into the village of Kelly Bray,

Then we went half around the bottom of the hill and back to the top.  It took us an hour and 45 minutes, though admittedly we were going pretty slowly on the way back up as it was getting warm and Az was tired (Well, he is probably 14).   Can we really only have walked 2.5 miles?  Bah!  Checking the height of the hill, we did go down a hundred meters and then back up again.  I feel that should be Taken Into Account somehow. It was the most beautiful sunny morning with long views all the way over to Bodmin moor and out to sea.  Am beginning to wish I had counted the number of sunny days this year, they have been so rare.  

The first blackberries are starting to ripen, and if it does not rain for another thirty days and nights, we are going to have a brilliant blackberry year.  I found some particularly excellent thickets that I must revisit in a week or two.  The rowan berries are almost ripe too.

In other news, Perl Cat has an ear infection,

This has caused her to get itchy ears. In an attempt to scratch the itch, she managed to rip the skin messily off one of them, and bled EVERYWHERE.   She has medication, but she's just torn the scab off and so we have just had to put her headcone back on to give it a chance to heal up.   She is monumentally peeved about this.

I got a third of a way through Sutcliff's 'Bonnie Dundee' when,

having failed to recognise the protagonist, the probable love interest, the Heroic Leader, or the setting, I suddenly recognised Mynheer Cornelius Van Meere, a minor character who appears for one chapter quite obviously just in order to give the protagonist somewhere to run when the Inevitable Disaster occurs.  This is probably typical. 

This week I have had to buy

1) inflatable dalek
2) electric flyswat
3) pair of curtains

to replace things destroyed one way or another by Brythen (he ran through the french windows, got tangled in the lining, tore the lining out and ripped all the tabs off the rail).  I reckon Big Puppy now owes me £220.  I was thinking I should find some way to send him out to earn his living, but as philmophlegm sagely observed, who would hire him?  It's true.  I have an unemployable failhound. :-D

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