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MANY Sutcliff things.

I can't remember if I posted before about the sutcliff-swap fanwork exchange.  Or indeed if anyone reading this who doesn't already know about it is likely to be interested in it. But on the offchance, I shall tell you that it has happened!

And suddenly there is a pile of Sutcliff fanfic and art here : http://archiveofourown.org/collections/sutcliff_swap2012/works  and I haven't seen one item yet that isn't full of interesting ideas and strikingly well executed, Except the two things I wrote which obviously I love with a hungry passion because I wrote them but have sod-all idea if they are any good or not. So it goes. At the moment it is all Anon: creator reveal is next week. 

 There are SEVEN Lantern Bearers stories, which pleases me hugely, as Lantern Bearers and Sword at Sunset are tied for my Favorite Sutcliff ever.  Actually they may even be tied for my Favorite Historical Novel Ever, and given that I don't generally do favourites, it's nice to have a decision on at least one kind of favorite book. 

 I was given Sun in the Courtyard - it is about Ambrosius,   And it has a lurcher in it!  These two things would make me love it even if it wasn't well written and cunningly researched, but it is those things too.     

All the works are from the ninth century or earlier, which reflects my Sutcliff reading so far too - she does Roman and post-Roman Britain so well, I'd originally intended to stick to those (and read at least some of the other authors on my to-read shelf).   But philmophlegm has been shopping and has bought me a pile of her later works, so it looks like I am going to read ALL the Sutcliffs... 

In the new pile:

The Capricorn Bracelet
The Armourer's House
Brother Dusty-Feet
The High Deeds of Finn McCool
Lady in Waiting
Flame Coloured Taffeta
The Witch's Brat
Bonnie Dundee
Black Ships before Troy
And a rather nice Story of the Odyssey, very lavishly illustrated by Alan Lee. 

I don't think I've read any of these before, though I have found with Sutcliff that I think I've not read quite a few things that turn out to be hauntingly familiar on re-reading. 
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