bunn (bunn) wrote,

First Strawberry

Yesterday, and Second Strawberry today. Yum.

They are a French variety, but they seem to do really well here too. V. sweet.

The blue tree lupin is flowering its little socks off and making everything smell of honey, and the first sweet william flower has just opened, and the irises and aquilegias are storming away. I feel very smug about them because everything but the irises are from seed. It's great to see them reaching their full potential.

I planted out all the squashes and pumpkins and my remaining bedding plants. The dwarf beans are up and looking healthy if small, and I have planted a few lettuce seeds (Webb's Wonderful). Although the squashes look good, I have planted, rather late :
- one more Pilgrim Butternut (first one died)
- an extra Spaghetti Square pyjamas, just in case both of the 2 I dropped were that variety and I have none left (I either have 2 Pyjamas & 2 Butternut, or up to 4 Butternut).
- an extra Pumpkin Racer f1, because I only have 2 pumpkins, and one is the supposed mutant (the other is Jack of All Trades).

I don't know if I dare note that there is a remarkable absence of slugs this year. There, I have done it. I bet they all come rushing out of the woodwork now...

On Saturday I went up to North Devon and swopped some plants with Mum, so I now have more sweet peas, and also a vacuum cleaner discarded by A&T.

The red clematis is in flower again: amazing really that it is so tolerant of being in a pot, but I really must give it a really generous feed this year.

It's baking here at the moment. I really need to keep on top of watering the various things that are still small and have not got their roots down properly yet.
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