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We cannot get out

There are two roads that can be used to get to our house from the Outside.  One of them is blocked by some gentlemen who are felling a very large tree.   The other currently has a very large trailer / static caravan wedged very firmly into a narrow bend that was clearly designed for nothing wider than a horse-cart.  I got back here by dodging past the tree-felling gentlemen before they had really got stuck in.

So far, there are no drums in the deep. (Obviously, we are well endowed with Deeps here, being a mining area). Though if there are Drums, as a resident of the area, I am not sure if I am supposed to flee in terror from flame and shadow, or pile out to skitter menacingly up and down, waving something pointy at  The Party as it comes through.
Tags: cornwall, tolkien, wittering

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