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Eye colour

Someone or other - ladyofastolat possibly?  I think posted a rantlet a while ago about how in fiction people are constantly noticing each other's eye colours, when most eyes are undistinctive.  And I said, I think, that I did tend to notice people's eyes, but ever since then I've felt slightly insecure about it, as if maybe I didn't notice people's eyes really, but somehow think I do.

However, I am now reassured.  I saw a chap this evening, only for a moment as I drove past. Tall man, good looking, extravagant facial hair, strawberry blond.  And he had golden-brown eyes.  I noticed them most particularly, even though I was only driving past, because you would not expect eyes that colour with that hair colouring.  I am writing a thing just now with a bloke in it with exactly that size and hair colouring, and I had assumed that he would have blue eyes, because stereotypically, Angles have blond hair and blue eyes.  But now, clearly, he must have golden eyes, and it is perfectly allowable because I saw them.

I am quite proud that I did not drive into a tree when I saw this huge golden Angle unfold himself out of a Volkswagen Golf.   I suppose it's an appropriately Germanic car, but it lacks the epic quality somewhat.

In other news, Footie cat has conjunctivitis and needs eye drops.  I really don't think I'm going to be able to do them singlehanded.  I did them once by surprising him, but he's wise to me now. :-/
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