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It's summer : quick quick!

The view out to Dartmoor this morning, over massed umbellifers: 

We found an unsupervised houndy-person, with a glint in his eye.  I recognised that glint, and collared him.  Sure enough, his panting owner soon came looking for him.  There were a lot of tiny tormentil flowers in the grass - surely more than were showing their faces last week in the rain.  They always make me think of elanor, the sun-star in the grass of Lorien. 

We went to the pond.  Some of us wallowed.  (nobody swam though. Sighthounds don't really do swimming)

It's amazing how it gets so hot so quickly, even though the puddles from the rain were still lying on the path. 

By this time we were hot, so we retreated to the shady grass under a tree.  The grass was still wet with dew, which was welcome. 

Someone decided that the camera really should be pointed at him, not Az. 

I love Az's face in this last one. Good Grief, he is clearly thinking. 

The foxgloves are almost over now, but there are flowers still left at the tops of their spikes

And everywhere there are flowering grasses waving and turning the country pinkish-gold. 


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24th Jul, 2012 15:35 (UTC)
Aaargh! Those foxgloves are scary! They look like mutant triffid hiver things that want to suck our brains out.
24th Jul, 2012 22:00 (UTC)
Hivers never want to suck your brains out. Hivers will simply manoever you into a situation where you choose of your own free will, to remove your own brains through suction.

*waves tentacles*
24th Jul, 2012 16:29 (UTC)
Gorgeous pictures! It's amazing what a transformation a bit of sunshine makes to the landscape...

I love that shot of Brythen waving. I sense he may be an exhibitionist.
24th Jul, 2012 22:06 (UTC)
He's really too polite for exhibitionism - particularly placed next to Az, who has a streak of the true whippety bossiness. Brythen is more of a
"Hewow! Hewow! Me here too!" kind of dog. :-D
24th Jul, 2012 16:30 (UTC)
Beautiful :)

It's grey and muggy and unpleasant up here but at least with photos I get to enjoy your weather vicariously!
24th Jul, 2012 22:15 (UTC)
Oh no! I would say, perhaps it will move in your direction, but selfishly I would rather like to hang onto it as long as possible!
24th Jul, 2012 17:34 (UTC)
Oh Bryth and his faces! He is so lovely. I love Yogi too - especially now you can see her.

I laughed at the houndy thing with the glint in his eye. I managed to lose Blaze in a bramble patch a few weeks ago, and a nice man tried to catch her, but she thought she was being kidnapped and made a terrible fuss and wriggled away and went and hid under a hedge. The very kind man heard me calling and thrashing around in the bramble patch, so he very kindly waded through to tell me where my disgraceful dog was. He had a very lovely deerhound, but Cole (who was helping me call and thrash around) thought the deerhound was TOO TALL and told him so very firmly. I was very apologetic that my dogs had repaid his kindness with slander and attack.
24th Jul, 2012 22:13 (UTC)
Oh good I'm glad it's not just mine (she says, selfishly). All three took off after a running collie this evening and would NOT leave off. And then Az, who is all of 14, nipped him, the little bugger! So embarrassing. At least a deerhound owner should understand about houndy things that just bugger off randomly...
24th Jul, 2012 18:58 (UTC)
Haha, dog wallowing! This is a lovely post.
24th Jul, 2012 21:31 (UTC)
It's not just humans enjoying a change in the weather! Great pics.
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