bunn (bunn) wrote,

Sometimes I just want to wander around making pictures

Maybe with one of those huge black SERIOUS looking cameras that announce so loudly 'I Am a Photographer' that you can shove them in people's faces.  Or possibly, just lurking behind bushes with my normal camera and charcoal.  Things seen today:

- An absolutely delighted elderly gentleman riding valiantly on his mobility scooter, with a huge excited grin, holding out his arm rather like a charioteer to hold the leads of two enthusiastic Jack Russell terriers that were raring to go and charging along as fast as the scooter could go. 

- The same elderly gentleman going the other way about an hour later, with a rather gentler and more satisfied grin, and two terriers trotting politely by his side. 

- A very ruggedly good looking gentleman, quite muddy, carrying a very tired golden spaniel puppy.

- A tired looking woman with a rather hard, lined face, and perfect long brilliantly-red hair.

- an elderly lady in sensible shoes and respectable pale cotton shirt, marching up a hill with an air of absolute determination,  bent almost double under the weight of a large rucksack. 

Helga Saab has passed her MOT, and she only needed a fuel filter and one headlamp bulb!  Rejoice! For a car that has done over 135,000 miles, that's not bad. Well done Helga.    I think her fan controller thing has got stuck and needs looking at -  but given how absurdly cold this summer is, slightly misplaced aircon is hardly a major problem. 
Tags: car, no camera

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