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cherries and figs

There are 13 little green cherries on my cherry tree (Summer Sun, planted Nov 03). I bet the blackbirds will have them, but I am still very proud.

There are 25(ish) largish figs on the fig tree (ish, because once it gets into the 20's there is a 'hang on, have I counted that before' element.)

I now cannot recall which of the raspberries is Glen Moy and which is Autumn Bliss (any suggestions on how to tell the difference welcome!) but both of them are covered in young raspberries, which is the main thing. One of the varieties seemed to be much less vigorous than the other, and annoyingly I'd planted the less vigorous one to the North of the tall-growing one, but this year both seem to be settling into their stride.

I suspect I shall not see too many of the fruits, given that Mollydog learned last year how to Pick Her Own, but there are enough there that there is some hope of getting a few bowlsful at least.

The grape vine is covered in flower buds. I do hope Azure does not like grapes: it was hard enough trying to keep Mollydog from ripping off a bunch and taking it away to munch last year, without both of them at it. Grapes are supposed to be bad for dogs. Az is not very keen on carrots, so there is hope.

The rhubarb seems to be greatly improved by enclosing it in a wickerwork cage (originally, to stop Az weeing on it) so I shall do that again next year with some of the offcuts from the hazel hedge again.

I am now down to just 4 squash seedlings (the stems are so fragile). I must try and remember next year to get some really deep pots, and re-pot them with just the leaves showing, so the earth protects the stems.



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1st Jun, 2006 12:07 (UTC)
We don't think our pear has got frost-damaged this year, but while it's putting out plenty of leaves, there are *still* no flowers ...

Some of our lettuces are healthy, some (in the same grow-bag) have just shrivelled up and died. Too wet, maybe?
1st Jun, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
I honestly don't know: I've never grown lettuces!

However, your comment and a fit of Co-op-induced rage* together ended with me buying a packet of lettuce seeds today, so we shall see.

* what sort of convenience store/ supermarket sells lettuce seed, but has not a single solitary leaf of lettuce left by 6pm?
1st Jun, 2006 12:33 (UTC)
Wolves like grapes too and indeed ruined the entire crop in Alsace one year - I forget exactly which one, 12 something or other.

Must check on my cherries and apples to see how they are doing. I suspect there will be no raspberries, blackcurrants or redcurrants this year though as they have only been in for about a month.
1st Jun, 2006 21:31 (UTC)
you might get the odd raspberry: they are dead tough. Though you are supposed to cut them right down when you plant them really, but I never have the nerve.
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