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My little nectarine tree, which I think is now about 14 years old, has produced some nectarines!  I could not BE more triumphant.  If they actually ripen, some sort of special Nectarine Festival will be in order.

The fig tree is covered in big figs, but none have ripened yet.  One fig that fell off has been devoured by slugs though, so they must be pretty damn close: normally the slugs spurn fallen figs as too rubbery.

The apple tree nearest the house has a lot of promising young apples on it, and what's more, the cherry trees have cherries on them - even the Mazzards, which are ever so young and haven't even been mulched!  Well DONE mazzards.  I must go and check the other trees while I can still get to them through the jungle.  

Actinidia Arguta 'Issai' has had a lot of flowers, but I think the rain may have seen off the chances of any fruit being set.  Boo.

There is a beautiful copper slow-worm living in my compost heap. I'm extremely pleased about this, even if it does mean that turning the heap is going to be a problem.

I did do some weeding today and filled a tubtrug to offer to the slow worm like a tribute to a tiny dragon -  but it's like weeding the Amazon rainforest: turn your back for two minutes and it all grows back twice as tall!

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