bunn (bunn) wrote,

The Yogi-Bonghy-Bo - and plantings

Am currently living in terror that the garden will rise up and completely swallow the house, like a sort of untidy shaggy green monster. It keeps raining, causing everything to grow at a terrifying rate, yet making it impossible to mow things. The path in and out of the house has become perilously narrow, and the whole situation is starting to look as though someone has inadvertently pricked their finger and gone to sleep for 100 years...

None the less, I managed to grab 20 minutes between rainstorms, cleared some pots and got them planted up with pelargoniums and bacopa, which gives me a feeling that Something Has Been Done.  I sprinkled on some white Alyssum seeds as well, on the grounds that they might come up and fill in the gaps, and if not, I've lost little!

I've also whipped into the greenhouse, hoed, watered and planted some rows of basil and peppers. I had intended to dress the soil with compost first, but it's really a bit late to be planting anything, so I might as well cut my losses and get the seeds planted : they won't do any growing still in their packets. 

Foster dog Yogi has had a severe haircut - she was very matted, and seemed greatly cheered by having a close trim. Unfortunately the cat introductions are proving somewhat rocky at the moment - most of the time she is very good with them, politely greeting or ignoring, but for some reason in the evenings after about 6:30pm after last walk and tea, she turns into a cat-chasing nutter dog and has to be separated. Have not had this particular form of excitement before. In the absence of any better idea, I am keeping up the controlled introductions and just separating her into a different room when she goes into barky cat-chasing mode. The cats, thankfully, seem unbothered.

I made this series of photos when I was feeling quite optimistic (ie, in the morning) about how she was doing with the cats.  Now, however, it is evening, and I am feeling a bit less sanguine. 


Tags: aargh day, dogs, foster, garden

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