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A Question for Dog Owners

I've put this on Facebook as well where most of my loony dog nut friends tend to hang out, but I thought I'd pop it on here as well.  Facebook is so random in what it shows and what disappears...

Any suggestions for a dried food that might suit Brythen, who is a big skinny lurcher who could do with gaining a bit of weight and also has persistent minor runny bum issues?  I mean, it's not a big thing, but I'm hoping to achieve better scoopability, if you know what I mean :-D

So far, have tried James Wellbeloved lamb & veg, JWB lamb and rice, Barking Heads salmon & potato, Pets At Home fish & potato.

I was trying to stick mostly to protein sources that are either free range (ie, lamb) or fish, because I try to avoid spending money to support the factory farming of chickens and turkeys -  but I'm not having a lot of luck.

He has other stuff with his dried food - sardines, grated carrot, dried tripe, liver, porridge, mashed potato, tinned Arden Grange, Naturediet etc. Oh, and I did try him on raw frozen tripe too (goodness that is unpleasant stuff!) but still with the runny bum..

I don't really have the freezer space to feed only raw/homecooked - also, Az isn't keen on raw and ideally I'd like to feed them something they can both eat!

Oh yes, and he has had the usual Firming Goop from the vet, whatever that stuff is called, the name escapes me, and that made no odds.
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