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Lurcher lands tomorrow...

This is Yogi.  Her owners' children and grandchildren have moved in with her elderly owners, and she doesn't like the noisy baby and toddler, and expresses this by growling and snapping if approached by them.  She was supposed to be put to sleep today, but they called Oldies as a last try to find another option, so she's coming here instead.   She hasn't lived with cats before, so this could be a bit hair raising... 

That coat is a bit alarming - looks very tangled.  I think I'll be booking her in to be groomed pronto... 

In case you are wondering about the spaghetti hoops, the idea is that it gives an indication of the size of the dog, and also, people tend not to have photos of their dogs with random tins of stuff, so asking for a photo with a tin means the photo is likely to be a new one (some people send photos that are years old, so it's a bit of a surprise when the dog comes in looking much older and in a bit of a state). 
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