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Beacon burning on Kit Hill

It was impossible to count all the Jubilee beacons visible from Kit Hill - you would get a different total every time.  We think we could see about 50.  Although the sky was cloudy, visibility was pretty good (those are the lights of Plymouth you can see in the distance in the second photo).  We could see beacons (and a few fireworks too) along the coast, up the river valley, and up on the heights of Bodmin moor and Dartmoor too.   We *think* we could even see one very distant beacon all the way up on the North Coast - at Tintagel, perhaps, or somewhere near there.   The beacon - a monstrous, Lord of the Rings style pile of wood - was lit with an impressive flame-thrower device, and then we all sang the national anthem.  Well, we sang the first verse, anyway, in a very British, slightly-apologetic-but-determined-to-do-it-anyway manner. philmophlegm met another exile from Wrexham, which pleased him enormously, even though she had left the place one year after he was born there.  

Diamond Jubilee Beacon Burning

Callington Town Band in a tent on Kit Hill, with Plymouth in the background

Watching the Diamond Jubilee beacon burn on Kit Hill
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