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Honeyberries, Greenhouse, Strawberries and Lurcher

I am intrigued by this many-named  plant; the Lonicera caerulea, Honeyberry, Haskap Berry, or Blueberry Honeysuckle . It is an edible blue-berried honeysuckle.  I already grow several climbing honeysuckles (most of them volunteers!) and also Lonicera Nitida, the False Box, which although not particularly decorative in itself, makes a nice low groundcover shrub or edging plant, with a good scent when in bloom, and is much-adored by bees.  They all produce berries, but so far, only for the birds. I am tempted by the idea of one that fruits for ME.

However, it's the wrong time of year to be buying fruiting plants really, and also I am waiting to see if my Actinitia Arguta 'Issai' - a sort of hardy mini kiwi -  will actually manage to set fruit this year.  It's sent out eager waving arms in all directions and is covered in buds - to the point where I am now a little worried that dratted Thomson and Morgan have sent me a kiwi that is not 'Issai' but one of the other arguta variants, which are not self-fertile but are more robust.   I guess the only way to find out is to wait and see if it fruits. 

If Issai and my Aronia bush do well, then I may try a honeyberry.  But if they both prove disappointing, it might be better to devote the space to some more known fruit like blueberries or strawberries, which are tried and tested, rather than frivol with alien berries from the wastes of Scandinavia which may not thrive in milder and more overgrown situations.

And yesterday, Carpet People came and replaced the hall and stair carpet which was all worn into holes and, I fear, also pretty grimy. 

Az did not like the Carpet People.  They made loud bangings, which made him very afraid: he shook in pitiful terror and made huge eyes, but was determined not to abandon me to their mercies.    In the end I gave up trying to work and went outside with him, where he decided that a fleece under the ferns gave enough cover that the Carpet Men would not get him, and went to sleep. 

Since I could not go in the house, I occupied myself clearing out the greenhouse. The only official plants in the greenhouse were strawberries. Given this, the quantity of geraniums, foxgloves, ivy, brambles and cranesbill I turfed out of there is a bit of a mystery. I filled a tubtrug, and had enough over for this:

The strawberries were not overrun, however - even though I really had not put any effort into looking after them - in fact, I hadn't even watered the poor things - they managed this!

Well done, strawberries. Well done indeed.
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