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Pssst, anyone want books...?

philmophlegm and I  have done a book-tidy and rationalisation, and have got some books that are duplicates or that we just don't care about (I'm sorry Bernard Guenee, but I didn't care for your States and Rulers in Later Medieval Europe as a student, and I don't care for it now.  I can't even remember why I've still got it.  Likewise, Trinny and Susannah's  What Not To Wear.  I like to put those two books together because I imagine they would probably have a huge argument. :-D  ) 

Anyway, if anyone wants a book that we don't want  (you never know, someone might! Also some of the duplicates are not bad), then we will post to anyone who will pay postage (or, free to anyone who happens to be passing and can pick up!)   Booklist is here, leave a comment if you want something.  NB: am in the UK. I can find out about international postage but I suspect on the whole it won't be worth it... 

Ooo, look at that!  I just detected my location (in the Location box) and it got 'United Kingdom, Clare' which....???   You know, what I really want is a 'detect' button next to the 'Mood' dropdown. That would be nifty for those occasions when you aren't sure if you are cheerful, busy, embarrassed or just mildly dyspeptic.... 



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27th May, 2012 22:11 (UTC)
Yy, I want a detect mood button too! Although actually I never tend to write my mood on LJ b/c I don't actually accept that I have moods, as I feel this word suggests a sort of capriciousness or irrationality. Instead I think I have perfectly sensible reactions to the stupidness of the world I live in. Except... well actually...

What would be really useful, thinking about it, would be something that would detect when I am in the early stages of viral infection, which is something that invariably makes me incredibly pissed off/gloomily negative, until 48 hours later when the sore throat hits me I realise what it all was. And I kick myself. Until next time - you see I never learn.
28th May, 2012 08:34 (UTC)
I demand the right to be capricious and irrational! Sounds like exactly where my normal headspace is :-D

I agree on the viral infection thing - that would be so handy! Your computer should detect it in the early stages and send warning emails to all contacts to tread warily and keep quiet... Software! Why can't you do this!
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