bunn (bunn) wrote,

Improbable innocence

Most mornings, I am drinking coffee when I am alarmed by the sound of loud gallopings, leapings, and thumpings coming from upstairs.  "What's going on?" I cry and rush to the foot of the stairs, to be greeted by Brythen lurcher and Suma Bungle sitting side by side at the top of the stairs looking down at me, a wide-eyed picture of innocence.  They make a good pair, as they are roughly the same colour, though one is tall and thin and stripy, and one is small and round and stripy. They have the same expression in their eyes, though Suma Bungle's eyes are blue, and Brythen's are amber-brown.

 One of these days I will remember  to take my camera with me when this happens. 

Then I have to decide whether to go up and find out if they have thrown anything important on the floor. 
Tags: cats, dogs, lurcher, no camera

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