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Bluebells and other things

It is the season for bluebells, and more specifically, posting photos of bluebells on LJ.  So here are some of our local ones growing interspersed with buttercups and stitchwort.

And here are some more bluebells, sunbathing in the evening light near the Tamar

A random tiny weir on the Cotehele estate.  This used to send water down a side channel to the watermill downstream, and now it sends water into a channel to a tiny hydroelectric powerstation instead.  Just after I took this photo, a collie came racing up and leaped into the pool delightedly.  My hounds looked at him as if at an insane dog. 

And here, somewhat randomly, is the Port Eliot Dog Day.

 I entered Brythen in the Best Crossbreed dogshow class, but he didn't win.  Possibly because he went to sleep in the ring while waiting to be judged?  I don't know, but I felt the judge was somehow unimpressed by how difficult he was to wake up :-D 

One thing I liked about this event is that there is lots of space you can just wander off into when you have had enough of stalls and busy people and stroll down the estuary or around the park. 

Port Eliot was a real port once, but that was a very long time ago.   According to their website, they have a 3-4th century glazed tiled floor in the house somewhere.  I find this slightly hard to believe (glazed tiles?  In Cornwall?  That early?) but one of these days I really must go and have a proper look. 

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