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77 per cent of women would sign up to a default filter barring pornographic content apparently.

EG in this news story.

Who ARE these women? How were they chosen? Why didn't they ask ME? Have the women they asked experienced the annoyance of finding useful information and innocent material randomly blocked, without, at the same time, actually screening out stuff that makes you go EEEW? (I recently had to replace the 'national lottery funded' logo on an extremely earnest and 100% childsafe website, because school automated filters were unable to tell that the logo did not mean the website was about gambling...)

For that matter if 77% of women (British women, one assumes) think a default filter is useful, then why not just use one?  Why the need for legislation?   Nobody is telling people they can't use filters if they want them, but why should they be default and implemented at the network level?  

 I've got no particular brief for porn, but what's porn, what's art, what's archaeology and what's medical diagrams is rather in the eye of the beholder...  A comprehensive ISP-level autofilter seems like it would be an arsepain.

 I can just hear the calls now from worried clients that have somehow managed to make their own websites accidentally X-rated.   And god help the poor souls on the tech support line trying to sort out the family disputes, or trying to explain why Little Johnny has still managed to navigate his sweaty little mouse to see something of which Mum disapproves... 

 I would of course request that my own internet access should be filterless so I can get to everything I need to, which probably will end up putting me on some sort of Government Deviant List...

Expensive professional porn is mostly behind filters to try to prevent customers getting their jollies for free anyway - or, it always has been when I've been unfortunate enough to have to work on that sort of content. But when it comes down to it, when everyone has got a body and a camera, and a terrifying number of people also have access to Photoshop, the only way to reliably distinguish porn from family photos is telepathy.  Amateurs don't tag or describe content reliably. That's why they are amateurs... 

It says a lot that Talk Talk are the only British ISP prepared to implement a policy of default filtering without being pushed into it by Nanny Government. Talk Talk, presented with a brewery and an eager audience chanting 'Piss Up! Piss Up! Piss Up!' would probably attempt to organise an exhibition of experimental dance, or possibly a nice game of rounders.

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