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Naughty dog!

This morning I wormed and flea treated my dogs with Advocate drop on wormer.  It's just a smelly clear liquid.  Az just sat there.  Brythen, on the other hand felt that I was assaulting him horribly and leapt vertically in the air, hitting me hard on the chin and causing me to bite both sides of my tongue.  It really hurts!  

He has also decided that he lives here now, so having been here for two months and being generally a very *very* good dog, he is pushing the boundaries a bit, and his lovely almost perfect recall has gone right out the window.  He's jumped through three hedges now and not come back for several minutes - *thankfully* not into fields with lambs.  But obviously I can't take that risk so will have to be  much more careful.  I'm hoping that lots of recall practice (with sossidges) will put things back where they were! 
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