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A species count between the cracks

I am weeding the cracks between the paving slabs.  To make this dull task more interesting, I am doing a species count. 

Things Weeded

Irritating invasive grasses (various) 
buttercups (too invasive) 
bloody wood avens which simply cannot take a sodding hint apparently
dock (common I think) 
broadleaved sodding willowherb, which is by way of being my Gardening Nemesis drattit. 
shepherds purse, which despite the little white flowers, i cannot love for some reason
Foxgloves (lovely, but really too big) 
A bloody bramble, damnit
Ragwort.   Out damned wort!
cow parsley
A male fern (I think: it was very small.  But they grow far too big). 

Things Not Weeded

wild strawberries
hardy geraniums (variations around the theme)  
hedge bedstraw
red campion
ladies mantle  ( I do wonder if I should have had these up as they get quite big - but their little round leaves are so charming) 
some sort of speedwell, not yet in flower
A very nice blue creeping campanula (not in flower yet) 
wood sorrel
cat's ears
ivy-leaved toadflax
hartstongue fern
A very small thing that I think will be an early purple orchid when it grows up
some unexpected bluebells
lawn daisies
herb robert

... And now it is starting to get a little dark and chilly, so with my tub-trug half-filled with slain enemies, I shall declare a truce. 
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