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My ISP (Zen) has lost LJ. I shall have to give them a ring about it tomorrow, but for now I am posting via a helpful transparent proxy in Australia. Thankyou! Australia. It seems the UK is too suspicious to have open proxies floating about nowadays. That's sad.

I wanted to note that I mulched all the veg beds with compost, and planted dwarf beans. I thought the asparagus had vanished, but on closer inspection, there is one solitary shoot showing. I don't think that is worth keeping really, though I am sort of tempted to try moving it to a pot.

I've also cut that damn hedge by the front garden, and discovered a disturbing number of brambles have crept into it, as well as the cursed sycamore. If there is one thing you don't need in a hedge, it's brambles, and if there are two, the other one is sycamore... Still, at least we can see Dartmoor through the front window again, at least for a while. While I was doing it I had fantasies about bulldozing the lot and putting in a nice stone wall that would never get any taller.

Azure appears to be scared of clicker training, which is a bit of a blow, as Mollydog loves it, and I was rather hoping it would get him obeying commands a bit faster and more enthusiastically - specifically 'come!'
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