bunn (bunn) wrote,


I have definitely spent MORE than enough time this week, pretending to be a human being.  MORE than enough.   The illusion is, frankly, wearing thin. 

I did a hedge survey course today.  2 injured out of 18 course attendees during a short walk along a muddy lane, 1 of them needing X-rays seems like some sort of record.   Clumsy sods these human beings. 

There was free food!  Including excellent carrot cake!   And I learned to identify hedge bedstraw, and how to tell a spindle tree when it's not fruiting.   I feel I learned less about landscape archaeology, as mostly that section was strong on  'stuff we can't be sure about'.  But that is a form of learning of a sort. 

Tags: archaeology, disaster, hedges, tamar valley
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