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Charity Insurance AKICOLJ

Oldies Club, and indeed most small dog rescues, has liability insurance with Cliverton, a company which has made a bit of a corner of the market in the area of small volunteer-run rescues. The problem with this is that when they decide to change the rules, it's very difficult to find anywhere else to turn. 

This year they have decided to rule that all dogs owned by a rescue must be kept on the lead apart from in the fosterer's house and garden.  This is a huge problem for us.  

Compared to most rescues, our dogs tend to be in foster longer.  This is because a lot of them come in with untreated medical problems that have to be sorted before they can be rehomed, and also because homes for old dogs tend to be a bit thin on the ground a lot of the time.   Some of the dogs stay in foster for the rest of their lives, if they turn out to be too ill to rehome.   And a lot of our foster homes don't have a lot of space for exercise, but rely on walks.   Plus, as we only deal with oldies, almost all of our dogs are in foster homes, we only use kennels if there is no alternative, as older dogs don't tend to do well in that environment. 

For some dogs it doesn't make much odds if they are onlead a lot, but keeping the border collies, labs and springer spaniels and crosses thereof, permanently on lead is going to make fostering them a more difficult proposition.   And the dogs that could probably do OK onlead in their foster homes are still often dogs that would benefit from being able to exercise more freely (we get a lot that come in undermuscled and overweight after no walking for years - they really benefit from being able to, for example, play ball games in the park, or play freely with other dogs.) 

We wondered if it might be possible to take out extra insurance to cover the issue, or if some of our more experienced fosterers might be able to assume liability from the charity for their own foster dogs.  Our provider also sells insurance for commercial dogwalkers, and they are allowed to have the dog's owner sign to assume liability if the dog is offlead.    But our existing provider is not being helpful in terms of advising on this, and we aren't sure who else to ask.  Anyone got any ideas? 

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