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Easter with lashings of cake

Fortunately, LoA has recorded most of What I Did on My Holidays with an impressive (or at least convincing) grasp of what happened when, so I only need to note things that happened round the edges. And some silly drawings.

 I did take my camera but didn't take any photos with it, partly because on the two occasions we went Outside to explore the Wonders of the Wight it looked rather grey and cloudy as we set off, so I thought I'd leave the camera in the hope that interesting things would turn up to look at.  I am sure there is an umbrella effect with cameras: if you carry the damn thing with you, it actively prevents interesting wildlife and stuff appearing.  Or perhaps you just spend so much time fiddling with the thing you don't notice other stuff? That seems horrifyingly likely...

Incidentally, one of the associations in my head with the Isle of Wight is with apocalypses, for example Triffid ones, where the thing to do is flee from Britain across the Solent to the relative safety of the isle of Wight. I was wondering today if people in this situation also colonise other offshore islands.  I wouldn't want to spend long living on Lundy : too small!  Too windy and chilly!  But the Scilly Isles you'd think would be good.  Unless the Triffids managed to colonise the gardens at Tresco, I support.  Anyway...

Learning point : when we clear up the house and carefully close all the upstairs doors to try to control the amount of chaos created by Bungles in our absence, it is vital to do a cat headcount afterwards, no matter how carefully we searched all the rooms.   Kjetil was released by our catsitters on Sunday.  We both feel awful about this.   I suppose at least it wasn't any longer.

Az and Brythen stayed with my usual dogsitter.  Brythen was absolutely fine and seemed to have had a good time (and didn't pee on anything, hurray, maybe he is completely housetrained now?).  Az shivered and looked woeful when I left him there and when I picked him up.  I'm assured he didn't shiver the rest of the time, and he ate well, but it does make it hard to leave him, particularly now he is getting so old and rather wobbly.

Here are some things wot I drew.

I did not draw the spectacular views of the coast and chalk hillsides under blue skies studded with white clouds (I only had pen and pencil with me and I'm not confident with black and white landscapes).  Instead, I drew two cyclists who I saw for a split second from the car on the way home, who impressed me as being strikingly happy.  They were cycling very fast down a steep hill.  They may, or may not, have been going 'Wheeeeeee!'

We did a bit of roleplaying.  We rolled up level 1 characters.  Mine was a spectacularly stupid halfling, with an intelligence level of 3, which even in a pretty underbrained party, left him as the gormless one.

We failed to hire some (lady) mercenaries.  Money was an issue.
We slew three goblins in the bright sun in the dale, before rashly diving into a dungeon.

We found a sack of gold, mysteriously concealed in a water butt.  That's my character, Monty, on the right with the lamp.  The leggy girl is Brenda (played by Bethran)

A Great Goblin appeared and wanted his gold back.  We slew him, just about.  I'm pleased with these warts. I've never drawn warts before.  They are fun. Also, the goblin came out with rather shapely knees.

After that, things became rather silly.  Spotting some cycle tracks that appeared to head straight into the sea, I decided that the happy cyclists must have just continued on downhill, until they became strange and etiolated and peculiar.  I gave them a prawn to be their friend.

Well the theory is that if I keep drawing, no matter what I draw, eventually I'll get better?  And as a bonus I now have a better grasp of prawn anatomy.
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