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I think I can say that he is staying.
He is being pretty good with the cats - just a slight tendency to try to play with them, which means I cannot leave them unsupervised yet.  But it's definitely playful, not aggressive or predatory. It has to be admitted that Suma Bungle does not help here with his tendency to whisk about frisking his tail and inviting Brythen to play - which is just not a good idea. With more sensible cats he is fine.

I am slightly regretting the choice of name.  I maintain that Brythen is a great name for a brindle dog from Cornwall, plus, it is short, it is easy to say, he responds to it and it suits him. But because it's an unfamiliar word, nobody hears it right the first time.  People ask me his name and are just unable to hear my reply.  I've had people mis-hear it as Bryn, Rhythm, and even Chris, and have ended up spelling it for people I meet regularly. 

Who calls a dog Chris? And how do you hear 'Brythen' as Chris anyway?

He's a real poacher's dog to look at. He just fades into any wooded environment and all you can see is his white paws.

At last I have a dog where people believe that he really is a lurcher! People always think Az is a whippet or a greyhound.  I think they expect lurchers to be brindle and not smooth-coated.  (A lurcher is a dog that is a crossbreed that has  sighthound and any working dog in the mix - for example, collie or a bull terrier - so depending on how much sighthound there is in the mix, a lurcher can end up looking almost exactly like any sighthound breed.  I have no idea which sighthounds and other breeds are in Brythen.  He is clearly a sighthound, but not obviously of any particular recognised breed!).

I must say I am quite enjoying having two reasonably healthy robust dogs that can easily walk on tarmac, so I can do reasonable walks around the village rather than driving to places with soft ground a lot of the time, which I had to do a lot because of Mollydog's poor feet and arthritis. 

I do love greyhounds, they are such fabulous dogs, but my goodness they are really only built for one job, and are so terribly fragile.   I'll probably have another greyhound again... but for now, I am liking lurchers.  So much more robust.
Bryth doesn't seem to be a poacher's dog by inclination, particularly.  He'll chase rabbits or squirrels if he sees them run, but he's nothing like as keen as Az used to be, and at the moment I don't see any need to have him wear a muzzle (which he is not used to and doesn't like).   I used to muzzle Az at times (until his eyesight started going) to stop him catching deer, but I'm really hoping that won't be a problem with Brythen.  

To be honest, I think he's mostly interested in the squirrels because Az is interested in squirrels (but can't really see them), so if he runs after the squirrels then Az will go with him, and they both love that.  Though no doubt the chasing will reinforce the tendency to chase in Brythen.  Oh well, a squirrel-chasing lurcher is not a disaster. 

He is very playful, and he specially loves big floppety toys like poor Purple Octopus here.   PO had to be re-stitched after this session, and I am rather wondering how much longer he will survive.  Bryth likes Mollydog's big tiger toy as well, and fortunately that is a bit more solidly put together.

One thing I am having to keep an eye on is what he plays with.  He likes to go upstairs and play up there on his own, but I've had to call a halt to that when I discovered he wasn't just playing with Tiger and a cardboard box, but had retrieved Pp's dicebag and emptied that, chewed up the big bag containing roleplaying landscape tiles, and seemed to be in the process of setting up a *really* complicated game involving landscape tiles, a bag of plastic miniature monsters, and approximately 999 dice of different types and sizes.   I feel there is enough of that sort of thing going on in this house already.

I'm still wondering if Bryth is really 3 years old or if he is actually younger. He does appear to be quite a young dog - he's so floppety and gormless in a puppyish way, and he likes to chew (hurray for deer antler chews!  Az likes them too).
And he doesn't always lift his leg and seems to have little idea of marking his territory.  And that is a good thing, because he's not *quite* got the 'asking to go out' thing down yet.  He's fine as long as you remember to pop him out and tell him to have a pee regularly, but if you forget, he might just make a little embarrassing puddle rather than tell you he needs to go.   But this is improving.  He's also very thin (four ribs showing on both sides) and I'm struggling to get him to put on weight, even though he eats loads - which could be because he's a youngster that hasn't quite finished growing...

He adores people and is SO disappointed if we meet people on walks who don't want to give him a cuddle, it's quite endearing (or pathetic, depending on where you sit when it comes to needy dogs I suppose).  And he really wants to play with other dogs - only not rough ones.  I took him to meet a friend's young lurcher bitch, thinking they would be a good match and enjoy playing, but he planted his bum, tucked in his tail and looked like he was about to burst into tears when she tried to get him running.

One minor problem is that Brythen does get a bit car-sick.  This is something that is often mentioned in the context of young dogs, so I'm hoping he will grow out of it.  I'm giving him a ginger-nut before we drive anywhere, which I believe is supposed to help. Not sure if it really does or not.

He is still sleeping in a crate at night, both to make sure he doesn't get up early and pee, and to make sure he doesn't eat anything he shouldn't.  I've been a little surprised by how much he loves his crate.  He goes and sits in it if the door is open, and puts himself to bed in it in the evening very cheerfully.

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