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It was such a beautiful sunny evening that I went further than normal and ended up wandering through the Danescombe valley.

On the way into the valley, I walked past this view down to the Calstock viaduct, which demanded to be photographed.

I walked along the upper Tamar two days ago and the wood anemones were not quite out yet, but here just a few miles downriver the woods were full of them. 

I went to Danescombe to see the daffodils.  The woods that have grown up through Danescombe are haunted by the ghosts of lost flower-farms, as well as the usual ancient mineshafts and old walls.

A tower loomed through the trees.  I was slightly concerned it might be occupied by orcs.  However, having looked at the potential-orcs car, I concluded that if they were orcs, they must be quite small ones and not very many of them. 

The trees are still bare, but the gorse is full of flowers.

I was pleased that Brythen was so good offlead even though the woods were full of squirrels.  He hared about a lot (and so did Az) but he stayed with me and didn't get into trouble.   He and Az seem to be getting on really well now, and Brythen's stopped trying to play roughly, which Az doesn't like.   I hope the two-hour walk will not have left Az feeling too stiff. It's easy to forget his age and his heart murmur when he's haring up and down banks after squirrels.

There was only one moment when I was worried I'd let Bryth offlead too soon and expected too much of him too soon  - when he shot up this bank into the field behind.  Thank goodness there was no livestock in the field, and he did come back once he'd had a chance to tear about a bit on the grass.  But I had to climb up this little waterfall to get him back through the wire! 

I'm basically posting this photo to remind myself that *there is a sodding gate 50 feet to the left*. If I'd remembered this before, I could have avoided slipping up the bank, putting my hand in the nettles, and getting my feet wet.

On the way home, the sun was falling behind Kit Hill, demanding the chance to make sun-rings on my lens.


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28th Mar, 2012 23:19 (UTC)
I love the third picture. The daffodils look like exuberant fairies...
29th Mar, 2012 11:21 (UTC)
Lovely, thanks for sharing :)
29th Mar, 2012 13:18 (UTC)
You can fit a surprising amount of orcs into a small hatchback...

Lovely shots!
11th Apr, 2012 22:19 (UTC)
Lovely photos, as always. The one of Az is particularly nice.
11th Apr, 2012 22:25 (UTC)
Incidentally, you don't offhand have a rec for a foolproof ultra compact type camera, by any chance? I seem to have lost mine, and as it was 6 years old had been intending to get a new one anyway. Old one was a Canon ixxus 5.5 - I liked the teeny size so I could have it with me all the time without thinking about it, disliked the shutter lag (though I think it was better than our previous and best of the competition at the time) and particularly disliked the overenthusiastic flash that tended to white everything out. I do realise this is not your type of camera! Failing a camera rec, could you rec a likely site to look on for a rec, if you follow? Many thanks!
12th Apr, 2012 07:50 (UTC)
http://www.dpreview.com/products/search/cameras might be a good place to start, but I don't know much about ultracompacts, sorry!
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