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Things Done This Weekend

I wrote about undercover Romans, walked the dogs many times (Brythen now doing really well off lead, he really is such an easy dog!) watched some Crufts (the Cardigan corgi looked amazingly like Tommy! I wanted the Borzoi to win overall, but alas, was disappointed) decorated a jamjar with twirly polymer clay (no, I don't know why I did this, it seemed like a good idea at the time) watched a quite good science fiction film - Moon -  and did DIY: 

- Cleaned the walls! 
- Cleaned things stuck to the walls, eg, radiators! (removed smaller things stuck to the walls, eg... you don't really want to know). 
- painted the walls!  
- painted the doorframes! 
- painted the front door (inside) 
- discovered that before you start painting things... and particularly before you start painting things with gloss paint - it is wise to hoover thoroughly. Particularly if you want to paint the skirtingboards and have a house packed with hairy beasts. 
- unclogged the vaccuum cleaner
- Hoovered all the things! 
- discovered that the vacuum cleaner appears to fire small pieces of gravel intermittently in the presence of gloss paint. 
- picked 999 small pieces of gravel from the gloss paint. 
- overpainted the places where 999 small pieces of gravel had been flung and painstakingly removed again. 
- resolved that NO painting shall occur in future without pre-emptive hoover-unclogging and vaccuuming. 

The daffodils and camellias are well in bloom, and the primrose-yellow Azalea is over already. I've bought some seeds! They were impulse buys from Morrison's so not exactly carefully-chosen specials but still:
1) california poppies (last year they did so well strewn in the sunny spot along the driveway that I thought I had to give them another go!
2) mixed climbing nasturtians
3) container peppers for the greenhouse
4) basil (am not sure it is possible to grow too much basil...)
5) butternut squash

Now I desperately need to get out there and weed and plant!


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13th Mar, 2012 06:14 (UTC)
your day sounds exhausting but outstanding. I cannot believe you managed to accomplish half of that.

also: undercover Romans?

also also: one can never have too much basil. If one thinks one has too much basil, one can always reevaluate one's assumption about how much basil is enough. If one STILL has too much basil, one can make pesto. The end.
13th Mar, 2012 09:00 (UTC)
Writing it down gives me a feeling of accomplishment :-)

What's better than Romans? Roman spies, that's what! (in my head, anyway...)
14th Mar, 2012 19:57 (UTC)
I'm going to echo this comment...

Undercover Romans???

Oh, then I remember the Eagle of the Ninth! There's an undercover Roman there!!
13th Mar, 2012 11:45 (UTC)
I missed Crufts completely even though a friend had her dogs there. I've never got over the disappointment of the Samoyed not making it a couple of years ago.

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