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State of the hounds

Well, on the whole things are going fairly well.  There have been a few blips - the house training definitely still needs work.  I am crating Brythen at night, and *trying* to keep him supervised.  He has just enough idea at the moment to want to sneak round the corner to do a pee, which is rather the worst of all possible worlds.   But I think this is workable. 

And my nice Logitech mouse has been accidentally eaten, meaning I am currently using an old Microsoft mouse that is DRIVING ME MAD.   But apart from that, a good time seems to be being had by all. I'm feeling quite optimistic that Az is feeling happier too, which is a great relief. Tommy Shortlegs has a home offer - in London, rather a long way, but they are the best offer we've had for him, they seem really keen and will come to collect him -  and I think he will be happy there.


I haven't felt much like any creative endeavour for the last month. First I was so afraid I would lose Mollydog, and then I did lose her and didn't have much energy for other things. I have done some painting, since I had committed to it, but I fear it's come out a bit weary, stale flat and unprofitable... And we have cancelled the planned weekend away for my birthday. But I am feeling a bit brighter with the new dog and the spring. Maybe I shall write some more things this month?
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