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State of the hounds

Well, on the whole things are going fairly well.  There have been a few blips - the house training definitely still needs work.  I am crating Brythen at night, and *trying* to keep him supervised.  He has just enough idea at the moment to want to sneak round the corner to do a pee, which is rather the worst of all possible worlds.   But I think this is workable. 

And my nice Logitech mouse has been accidentally eaten, meaning I am currently using an old Microsoft mouse that is DRIVING ME MAD.   But apart from that, a good time seems to be being had by all. I'm feeling quite optimistic that Az is feeling happier too, which is a great relief. Tommy Shortlegs has a home offer - in London, rather a long way, but they are the best offer we've had for him, they seem really keen and will come to collect him -  and I think he will be happy there.


I haven't felt much like any creative endeavour for the last month. First I was so afraid I would lose Mollydog, and then I did lose her and didn't have much energy for other things. I have done some painting, since I had committed to it, but I fear it's come out a bit weary, stale flat and unprofitable... And we have cancelled the planned weekend away for my birthday. But I am feeling a bit brighter with the new dog and the spring. Maybe I shall write some more things this month?


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8th Mar, 2012 00:12 (UTC)
That top picture, where their lives obviously depend not just on holding the rope, but on being seen to hold it, is a perfect example of a dog's unique perspective!
8th Mar, 2012 12:02 (UTC)
They are certainly very focussed! (sorry, I think I added a couple photos just after you posted this, so the tuggie pic is now second!)

I think Tommy is truly committed to the Tuggy Way of Life. Brythen is more going along with the Tommy approach (he's a people person...)
11th Mar, 2012 08:22 (UTC)
Focussed is generally good, in photos ... ;-)
(Deleted comment)
8th Mar, 2012 12:04 (UTC)
He's very cuddly. And so far today: no accidents! He was a stray, but we think possibly hadn't lived in a house before. But he's getting the hang of it (and I am getting the hang of not leaving things where they can become chew toys: I am so out of practice after years of sedate oldies. Well, *fairly* sedate....)

sorry, I think I added a couple photos just after you posted this, so the tuggie pic is now second...
8th Mar, 2012 00:47 (UTC)
He is very very beautiful. He is very like a brindle Sky, actually, just the same shape, especially in the face/ears/feet. And the eyes. And... well, you get the picture. All over. Do you know what he has in him?

Also, I hope Tommy can be pursuaded to let go of that rope before his people come to get him, or they might have to take him attached to it.

Edited at 2012-03-08 00:48 (UTC)
8th Mar, 2012 12:11 (UTC)
I thought he looked a little like Sky! No idea for sure what he is, he was found straying, so ?? dumped traveller's dog maybe?? GRWE thought saluki, whippet, collie. I think there may be something just a tiny bit GSD about that big deep muzzle, and he is quite tall and very slender so maybe just a touch of grey too, or even a dash of deerhound for height?

Basically just lurcher I guess - thinking probably any pure breeds are a way back!

Tommy is the ultimate easy-recall dog. If you are holding a toy of some description, his eyes are FIXED on you! :-D
8th Mar, 2012 02:30 (UTC)
Lovely pictures. I especially like the one walking/running in the field.
8th Mar, 2012 17:53 (UTC)
I've finally got round to looking "brythen" up on Google. What an appropriate name! How do you pronounce it, though? Is the "th" voiced or unvoiced?

I presume from the photos that Az has accepted that he isn't offensive and repulsive?
8th Mar, 2012 19:10 (UTC)
I'm pronouncing it like 'Britain' only with a soft th like the one from 'leather' in the middle.

I'm not sure if that's 'right' but Cornish is a pretty dodgy language with a ridiculous number of contradictory True Ways all pointing in slightly different directions and not that much evidence, but probably multiple dialects... so I think I can get away with it!
8th Mar, 2012 19:12 (UTC)
... meant to say I think Az isn't *quite* comfortable with him all the time, but things are definitely improving as he settles in. And it was lovely when they decided to run together!
8th Mar, 2012 20:49 (UTC)
Brythen and Az make a very handsome pair.

I'll be keeping fingers crossed for Tommy. He looks such a sweet heart.
8th Mar, 2012 21:49 (UTC)
Tommy is just adorable! I'm glad we've got some people who really seem to appreciate him offering him a home: they were very excited when they heard we were going to homecheck them.
8th Mar, 2012 21:09 (UTC)
Beautiful! I see what you mean about the touch of GSD in the muzzle... Do you know how old Brythen is, roughly?
8th Mar, 2012 22:02 (UTC)
Well, it's all guesswork, but maybe 2 or 3? I don't think he's younger than 18 months, and I'm pretty sure he's not older than three. He's still quite puppyish and wiggly sometimes, and his teeth are very shiny and white.

He doesn't have much stamina : this evening he got playing with a young spaniel X and it was only about 10 mins before he got out of puff and had to lie down for a little rest!
9th Mar, 2012 03:41 (UTC)
A truly lovely dog, I like the last picture with the one ear up. He is much bigger than I expected. I think you said that he might be a Saluki cross and I always thought those rather small. I still love the color, the markings are a lot more complex in these pictures than the one you gave earlier. Az looks very well bundled up
9th Mar, 2012 11:07 (UTC)
I thought he'd be a bit smaller too! There is definitely something else in there apart from saluki and whippet to give that extra height - maybe GSD, maybe greyhound...

Not that I'm complaining - I like a nice tall dog, you don't trip over them as much!
14th Mar, 2012 19:55 (UTC)
He's a lovely dog - I shall miss your tales of Tommy Shortlegs, though it's nice to think he's going to be heading off to new home.
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