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Do I have a new dog?

I have a new dog.  Or, I think I have.  Foster-dog Tommy thought Brythen (new name) is awesome, and that the exercise pen at the kennels where there were rope toys were the BEST THING EVER.   I really hope he has not overdone it on his bad leg but I did want them to meet offlead before I shoved them all in the car together.  I wasn't expecting Tommy and Brythen to start playing, given the size difference, and the fact that Tommy has not previously shown any interest in playing with other dogs! 
Az, on the other hand,  was terrified by 
1) the drive (big road)
2) Tommy squeaking because we made him sit in the boot
3) the kennels (things that go clang)
4) the fences around the exercise pen, which rattled and were Too Tall. 
5) the presence of Strange People (two GRWE people and a kennels person, which in Az terms is a crowd). 

Unsurprisingly, the intros didn't go fantastically, but given the circumstances I didn't really expect it to be love at first sight. 
Bryth has been a total star: politely greeted the cats, had a nice play with Tommy, immediately backed off when Az yelled at him: he's such a nice dog. (He was sick in the car on the way home, but I think I can forgive him for that, he had had quite a busy afternoon). 
Az however is having a HUGE throw your teddy out of the pram Grumpy Old Man sulk.   He has told poor Bryth off four times now (Bryth backed off and cowered, poor big lad).    I really hope Az is going to come round to him!   He's always a bit like this with new fosters, so I have everything crossed that he will be OK once he has had time to settle.  Am really wondering if I've done the right thing - but the state Az got into just driving down the A30 to the kennels really demonstrated that he desperately needs a more confident dog he can rely on, he was never like this with Mollydog about.



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3rd Mar, 2012 17:59 (UTC)
Poor Az - a very unsettling day for him... Fingers crossed it all goes well!

Lovely name, Brythen!
4th Mar, 2012 09:29 (UTC)
Not the most imaginative name, it's the Cornish version of brindle (or striped, freckled, painted, or tartan...) But it is short enough to shout!

( I did consider 'Claudius Hieronimianus', but it's a bit of a mouthful :-D )
4th Mar, 2012 13:22 (UTC)
...tartan? You may have to get him a tartan coat for the winter.

(As for 'Claudius Hieronimianus'... He had a lucky escape there).
3rd Mar, 2012 18:27 (UTC)
Fingers crossed for Az and the new dogz.
3rd Mar, 2012 18:29 (UTC)
Welcome aboard, Brythen! He sounds fantastic, actually - my expectations of dogs in the company of other dogs are much lower than yours.
3rd Mar, 2012 21:41 (UTC)
Poor Az to be missing Mollydog. Fingers crossed he gets over the sulks with Brythen.
4th Mar, 2012 03:31 (UTC)
Hopefully Az will settle down. When I first let Blaze, Cole wouldn't let her in the same room as him for three days. Can't wait to see pictures of the new boy, he sounds lovely!
4th Mar, 2012 03:31 (UTC)
Uh, when I first got Blaze. I didn't rent her!
4th Mar, 2012 09:22 (UTC)
Goodness, I'm glad things aren't that bad! I'm probably feeling a bit overprotective of Az because of his age and his heart (and just having lost Molls too..).

Of course, he has no idea how old he is, and from his point of view, I have just bought a new bottle of special Az-only treats that come wrapped in tuna...

Brythen is a really fabulous boy with such good doggy manners for a youngster. There will, of course, be photos...
4th Mar, 2012 08:40 (UTC)
Awww I'm sure it will all work out. There have been a lot of changes for him, sounds like he's just trying to cope.

New hound sounds fab.
4th Mar, 2012 11:48 (UTC)
Poor Az has had a bit of a time of recently, I hope he settles down and mellows to Brythen because he sounds like a lovely addition to the household.
14th Mar, 2012 19:52 (UTC)
Hope all's going well - I still love the idea of a dog that squeaks!!
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