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Az's broken heart & lurcher landing

Az went in for his vaccination booster this week.  He has been breathing rather heavily and coughing occasionally when half-asleep, so I asked for his heart to be checked, and the vet duly found that it was very noisy (though he was very stressed, as he always is at the vet).   Although I could have sent him in for an ultrasound scan, I know this would be terribly stressful for him, and given that he is at least 13 years old (and apparently now also has heart problems)  that didn't seem like a good idea. 

So, I have a trial prescription of a low dose of frusemide and vetmedin, and need to bring him back to see if this has had any impact in a week. 

I have to keep a record of the number of resting breaths per minute.   This is easier said than done as Az doesn't like me looking at him and it's hard counting breaths when he keeps turning over in that 'STOP STARING AT ME WOMAN' way that he does.  The best strategy appears to be to hide behind furniture and spy on him.

28/02/2012 - Az did 19 breaths per minute.
29/02/2012 - 19 breaths per minute (admirably consistent!) 
04/03/2012 - 14 breaths per minute (yay!) 
However, today he seemed much more active (and demanding!) than he has been for a while.  It could just be that the weather has cleared, but I hope it might be that he is starting to feel just a little fitter? 

We have been homechecked to adopt a young saluki whippet lurcher from Greyhound Rescue West of England, and will be going to visit him at their Bodmin kennels on Saturday : this is him:
He is an ex-stray, so little known about his background, but he is OK with cats and seems a confident boy, which are the two main things I am looking for.  I think Az might have preferred a bitch, but there are always fewer bitches around.    At the moment he is called Cooper, but if he gets on with Az and comes home with us, I may rename him: he's only had that name five minutes at the rescue anyway, he won't miss it. 

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