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Tiny Tommy Shortlegs' leg problem turned out to be a ruptured cruciate ligament.  This has now been surgically repaired and he has an impressive array of staples. I was rather fearing that he would be a horribly difficult patient to keep still, but - fortunately given that I've been somewhat distracted this week - he has actually been very good. 

I'm probably going to adopt another sighthound sooner rather than later, for Az's sake - he does love other sighthounds, and copes better with his nerves around them, so it seems like the right thing to do.  And there are certainly lots to choose from. 

And now for something completely different, I came across this news story (a few years old now) about a famous violinist busking with a Stradivarius violin at a Washington Metro station and the few people who stopped to listen, and all the people who didn't : it's here.

I'm listening to a Gerry Rafferty memorial concert at the moment, with most of his family and lots of quite wizened guest singers.  It's brilliant. 



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25th Feb, 2012 10:35 (UTC)
Sighthounds do so love being together. Apart from my penny who was very aloof.

I know my greyhounds enjoy it when they see other hounds or lurchers. Though they seem to hate other breeds.

Pleased short legs is doing ok x

25th Feb, 2012 19:56 (UTC)
Az has always been a big one for other sighthounds. He quite likes collies too, but he usually looks down his long nose at my short-legged fosters, and he definitely disapproved of Tara Banana the boxer I fostered once. I think he was offended by her squashed-in nose. :-D Mind you, I fostered a Hancock lurcher once, and he wasn't keen on him, I think because he was mostly blind and bumped into things.

Mollydog liked all other dogs, particularly little white terriers for some mysterious reason, and they liked her, I think because she was confident but not pushy.
25th Feb, 2012 17:36 (UTC)
Poor Tommy Shortlegs - no more hurtling after balls for a while. Hope the cruciate heals well.

That story about the busking violinist is rather sad when you think about it. Shows what pressure of time people are under on a daily basis.
25th Feb, 2012 19:58 (UTC)
Well, the good news is that Shortlegs finally has a tentative home offer! Sounds really promising, but it's on Jersey, so I hope we can get the home visit organised.
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