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A cinnamon and ginger cake with lemon icing.

Today I made a cinnamon and ginger cake with lemon icing.
4oz sugar
4oz butter
2 eggs
good old shake of cinnamon and ginger.
8oz self raising flour
some hot water that had sat in a mug with a couple of cloves for a while, to mix
That doesn't look like enough cinnamon & ginger, stick in an extra teaspoon of each for luck.
Stir it all together until it makes a sort of thick batter, splat into 2 cake tins.
190 degrees C until a knife comes out clean from the middle.

Zest a lemon & add lemon juice & icing sugar to some butter, stir like a demon till it looks about right, use to sandwich the cooled cakes & decorate the top.

Didn't rise as much as I'd expected but was very delicious and moist.
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