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The Fire is Mine

Mollydog has not been well today again, she was sick several times last night and has been under the weather today. But she has eaten 5 teaspoons of chicken at widely spaced intervals this evening and kept them down...

Edit 4:30pm Monday : Mollydog is not looking good.  She is still being sick despite anti-emetics and seems worse today, though still not as ill as last week.


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20th Feb, 2012 07:46 (UTC)
Awwww so beautiful.
20th Feb, 2012 11:25 (UTC)
Az (blue lurcher) is beautiful. I have to admit that the words that comes to my head when I think of Yama Bungle is more 'hellspawn' but he is quite cute, when he feels like it!
20th Feb, 2012 11:51 (UTC)
I have a blue greyhound so I am somewhat bias. Mine HATE cats though but that has been trained into them.

My foster is ok when he feels like it. I am having difficulty stay unattached to this one.
20th Feb, 2012 12:09 (UTC)
It's always so hard letting them go, and the longer they stay, the harder it gets...

Yama Bungle and Perl the Bolshy Liverpool Streetmog have done a lot of the work when I have retrained dogs that don't know how to behave around cats, they are both hard as nails!
20th Feb, 2012 10:28 (UTC)
Wonderful picture. I sense who holds the power in the house...

Poor Mollydog. That's not good. Do you think she might be developing a reaction to her anti-inflammatory medicine?
20th Feb, 2012 12:29 (UTC)
I had that very thought too, but the vet this morning reckons that although that's likely to be part of it, the question of *why* she's suddenly developed this sensitivity needs to be checked out, as it's likely to be a sign of some underlying problem.

They have sent some blood off to a lab for further tests, and in the meanwhile she's had an anti-emetic jab and I have yet more anti-emetic pills to give her.

There is some suggestion that they might want to operate to check her intestines. I'm not sure what I think about that : I'll need to be very convinced that they are quite likely to find something fixable, OR that her quality of life is poor and can't be improved by management. She is already quite a bit older than many retired racers manage.

If she has some sort of cancer - but I can stop giving her Previcox and keep her on the anti-emetics and give her decent quality of life for a bit longer - then I'd rather do that than have them open her up and lose her on the operating table...

She's down to 25.7 kilos, from 28.2. That is still 0.2 kilos above her official racing weight as a young athlete though so even though the weight loss is alarming, it's not yet disastrous.
20th Feb, 2012 17:44 (UTC)
What a worry. I hope that the anti-emetics and being off the Previcox do the trick.

And yes, there comes a stage when you just don't want to put them through any more major operations...
(Deleted comment)
20th Feb, 2012 12:30 (UTC)
Certainly no question in Yama Bungle's mind!

I forgot to record the eggs in that recipe, doh! I've checked thought it and it's right now though.
20th Feb, 2012 11:03 (UTC)

Sorry to hear about Mollydog, hope she is brighter today.
20th Feb, 2012 12:40 (UTC)
We've been to the vet and got yet more pills and samples for testing. Fingers and paws crossed...
20th Feb, 2012 15:28 (UTC)
I just read your more detailed comment above about your vets visit - I have everything crossed that this is a manageable condition, I can understand you not wanting to put her through surgery at her age.
20th Feb, 2012 16:28 (UTC)

I'm afraid today is not going well for Mollydog. She is cuddled up in her blanket but still doesn't seem to be able to keep anything down. :-(
20th Feb, 2012 17:41 (UTC)
Oh, poor thing :( How awful for you both.
20th Feb, 2012 11:57 (UTC)
I'm sorry that Mollydog remains unwell - I hope she's better today.

Cats have a knack of taking advantage of their small size, and their speed and claws...
20th Feb, 2012 16:35 (UTC)
I'm afraid it's not going well today : she's not keeping anything down and seems quite ill. I am still hoping she may be able to manage a drink later at least.
20th Feb, 2012 17:45 (UTC)
That's not the news I was hoping to read. I hope she pulls through quickly, obviously.
20th Feb, 2012 12:59 (UTC)
Sorry to hear Molly's still not 100%.

I don't suppose the humans get to feel much of that fire!
20th Feb, 2012 16:36 (UTC)
No, fires are for animals, apparently!

I'm afraid Molls is not doing too well. I am still hoping that she can pull through : at the moment she is resting and doesn't seem too uncomfortable at least.
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