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If I spend an hour talking to a client over the phone about keywords for a specific, very dull, technical concept, it is really, really, annoying to re-draft their copy, have them sit on it for over a month, then have their marketing agency come back with a series of changes that contradict the original brief and make the entire piece of work quite pointless. In the meanwhile, the draft copy has NOT been live on the server where it could at least have justified its existence by attracting some business for them, but just sitting in limbo.

I now have a choice: I can spend (unpaid) hours explaining to the marketing agency exactly how search engine optimisation works, and more than likely have them try to steal my work based on the series of free tutorials I have given them. Or I can fling it back to all of them with a plea for them to talk to one another.

I've done the latter, but I bet it doesn't work....

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