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From the House of Broken Dogs

Mollydog is home!
I don't think anyone, including the vets and vet nurses were expecting her to make it  - they all kept saying how ill she had been. She came GALLOPING out of the surgery, yodelling loudly, and then at the other end shot out of the car and up all the steps into the house before I could stop and ask her if she needed a lift ...

She has gone very thin and is still a bit wobbly, but obviously feeling loads better (I'm glad she was a bit chubby beforehand now!) . She is ravenously hungry (not surprised, all she has had is tiny bits of chicken since Tuesday!) , but I am not supposed to be feeding her much at a time to start with. I have made some chicken broth and am giving her a couple of spoonfuls every hour, which she clearly feels is not nearly enough.

Oh, and the vet bill was £450, which given that she was there over the weekend and had  Xray, ultrasound and a bunch of drugs, AND they phoned me 3 times a day with status updates I thought was quite reasonable.  Insurance renewal 2 years ago was £650, so I am still ahead having cancelled it.

In other broken dog news, I took Tommy and Az out for a walk with my mother's dogs on the fringes of Dartmoor yesterday, and broke Tommy (probably through excessive ball-flinging).  I don't know what he's done, but he's limping very exaggeratedly on one back leg.  I've had a good feel : it's not cut, there's nothing stuck in it, and it doesn't seem to be hugely painful to touch, so I've given him some pain relief and am giving him a couple days rest (which he is being SUCH a good boy about: he clearly doesn't expect two walks every day like my two!)   Fingers crossed it will fix itself, but if not, then I guess it will be back to the vet again... I wonder if I can get a season ticket. 

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