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All hail the Great Lord Vax

This evening, I came into our livingroom to find that Mollydog had been dramatically and copiously sick all over it.   Those parts of the livingroom not covered in vomit had been decorated by a helpful Bungle, who had decided that the catnip mouse I bought him only on Monday, would look much better if it was disassembled and spread around the place. 

Sigh.  Out with the carpet cleaner.   Water reserve needs filling. 

Discover a Bungle apparently nesting in the sink.  Drive the Bungle out with curses upon his head. 

Clean carpet. Put carpet cleaner away. 

Discover that Mollydog is being sick AGAIN.     Wave arms in air in mute protest that she has eaten nothing since this morning (and she brought that up) what can she possibly have left to be sick with??

Out with the carpet cleaner again.  Thank goodness for Vax and their nifty carpet shampooing doobry. 

I think some sort of dog bug is going round : Tommy had it last week, but one of the excellent features of Tommy that I had previously failed to properly appreciate is that being quite a small dog, he has quite a small stomach.   Mollydog's stomach is considerably more capacious.

I hope she feels better tomorrow : apart from the mess, she is a fragile old lady to be suffering such a thing, and has been very sad.  She kept wanting to go out in the fresh air today, presumably because it helped her feel less nauseous: unfortunately, her legs are not strong enough for her to just mooch around the garden for long (she's fine when she's walking or even running, but they give up on her after a while if she just stands about).  And I really could not risk her falling over in the cold and not being able to get up again, so after a while I had to insist she come back in and lie down... 

Tommy was castrated today.  Vet nurse told me to keep his cone on for TEN DAYS!  TEN?!  He was really distressed by the cone: as he has ridiculously short legs, it clonked on the ground and he had problems walking in it, so he lay there and cried and shook.   I took it off.  So far he has shown no interest in his lost assets at all, so I think I may have got away with it.   

Az is full of beans and keeps boinging about in the manner of a dog who wishes his rude good health to be appreciated. Thank you Az. 
EDIT: Thurs. Mollydog has continued to be sick on and off today, and this afternoon she got up and then fell over :-( She has been to the vet and had an antiemetic jab: if that doesn't work she will have to go back tomorrow for X-rays.
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