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A squeaking collie-corgi has landed

He is being rehomed because his previous owners have a baby now :-( 

He is quite little, seems very healthy & playful (and at the moment not very oldie, but probably he will calm down a bit once he's had a chance to settle in).   He's only 9 though, and being part collie and so diddy, might have as much as another 9 years ahead.   I'll need to get him neutered but once that is done I imagine it won't take long to find him a home. 

He's very squeaky. He squeaks when he sees a cat, he squeaks when he wants his tummy rubbed, he squeaks when he's hoping you will throw his ball, he squeaks if he's not sure what's happening next and wants reassurance... I think he may be a bit spoilt!

Philmophlegm's foster dog review: "He looks really freaky because his head's out of all proportion with his body. But he can do stuff.  Mostly your foster dogs are useless".  By this he means that Tommy was prepared to play football with him ... 


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29th Jan, 2012 16:00 (UTC)
Oh he's gorgeous. I got my hounds when they are 8. I love oldies. Or foster is proving to be one confused hound :-$
29th Jan, 2012 18:35 (UTC)
8 is a great age for dogs - past the chew everything stage but still well up for walks and fun!

(LOL, yes, I don't think foster is very houndy, my two keep looking down their noses at him as if to say YOU ARE VERY SHORT)
29th Jan, 2012 19:12 (UTC)
My Greyhounds would want to eat him I think. I think he's gorgeous.

We let our foster off today for only the second time and he went for another dog :( luckily I grabbed him quick and he had a muzzle on. The other dog was non-plused. Gutted. He was doing so well with his recall. He's such a confused dog.

Then on this evenings walk we got chased by a Victorian Bulldog - it's been a day for it :(
29th Jan, 2012 19:22 (UTC)
Oh no! More practice needed... I remember that so much from when I was fostering Duke O'lurcher my big Irish boy, the worry: you want to let them get offlead time and practice, but can't let them use other dogs for target practice. And sighthound target practice is so FAST. Well done for having a muzzle on: I made that mistake once, won't be doing it again. Sighthound fosters wear muzzles offlead till I am REALLY sure!

Strangely Mollydog has never shown any desire to do that, she is a racer, not a hunter...

Duke is doing really well now, has mostly got the other-dog thing down. Fingers crossed your foster will get there too!

Victorian Bulldog! Now there's a chunky lump of dog to be chased by!
29th Jan, 2012 19:46 (UTC)
I only foster Lurchers but this one is very very confused. He bares his teeth when he plays. He's all over the place. But he's a cutie. I won't do owt without a muzzle now. Just to be sure. He barked at some horses today. He just seems like a scared little pup. It was a weird dog to attack her seemed so calm and passive.

My own Lurcher Penny (see icon)we had from 9 months and she was wonderful. She might chase but that's all.

My greyhounds can't go off lead :( and have to always be muzzled :( hence why they were still in re-homing kennels at 8. The people in my village must think I am mental or a very bad dog owner.

Yeah I think he just wanted to make friends. Willow (the foster) went nuts but he only seemed interested in Sal.

Love the icon
29th Jan, 2012 21:09 (UTC)
That's interesting - I found that Duke was actually worst with calm, well behaved dogs, he seemed to take their good behaviour as a sign that he could bully them, whereas if they greeted him with a snarl and posturing he'd back down and be fine. As you say, confused!

I remember I met a pair of tiny dachshunds once who had the measure of him, he tried to rush them and they stood up on their hind legs like little serpents and went RAR! And he backed down and sniffed bums like a lamb. Strange dog.
29th Jan, 2012 16:25 (UTC)
I fundamentally despise people who get rid of dogs because they had a baby.
29th Jan, 2012 16:27 (UTC)
I have strong objections to such people too. I'm not sure I'd trust them to be parents.
29th Jan, 2012 18:31 (UTC)
An oddity, that - I think dogs are much less work than babies, but since it is not possible to DIY them, the checks are often much more rigorous...
29th Jan, 2012 19:39 (UTC)
But what if the dog was being aggressive towards the baby?
29th Jan, 2012 19:48 (UTC)
He wasn't.

But if he had been, then retraining and managing a small dog of a breed that learns fast really should not be beyond the wit of two adult human beings. If your family included a toddler that tried to hurt your baby, you would not react to that by demanding a children's charity come and take the toddler away!
30th Jan, 2012 12:28 (UTC)
You wouldn' believe how many people asked us what we were going to do about the cats whilst I was pregnant.

Did we have any problems? No. The cats adapted almost immediately and were much better with the children than vice versa. Before long, one would turn up when I was breasfeeding because he knew I wasn't going anywhere for a while, and he would get a nice long fussing session.

People planning a family need to take everything into account, including what to do about existing pets. Even with unplanned pregnancies there is still usually a period of several months in which to work out how you will deal with the new arrival.

Got a dog which likes nice long walks? Get a sling or all terrain pushchair and take the baby with you. If nothing else, getting out of the house when you are at home with a young baby and cabin fever is a great idea.
30th Jan, 2012 14:26 (UTC)
That's what I would have thought (about the dog). And he's really ball-focussed, so if they didn't want to walk miles, they could take dog and baby somewhere and just fling balls, too.
30th Jan, 2012 22:22 (UTC)
Yup. Kid in pushchari, chuck some balls, kid can chuck balls themself when they are older.
29th Jan, 2012 17:57 (UTC)
What a gorgeous chap! Almost like a miniature collie...
29th Jan, 2012 18:32 (UTC)
He really is - I can't decide if I think he is just border collie x corgi, or if there is something smaller in there as well, as he is so diddy and not as stocky or quite as shortlegged as I might expect a corgi X to be... Perhaps a small slender collie as the parent might produce that effect though.
30th Jan, 2012 12:22 (UTC)
He looks like a real character, I hope you find him a wonderful new home with people who won't abandon him as soon as they have something else to focus their energy on. It always amazes me how people can just give pets away - Gizmo is one of my family, I'd no sooner give her away than I'd give a child away (if I was ever planning to have any, which I'm not, but you get the idea)!
30th Jan, 2012 14:27 (UTC)
I am hoping he will be popular and we can find him a home with people who will really appreciate him. :-)
30th Jan, 2012 12:35 (UTC)
Heh, those eyes. They just radiate LET'S DO STUFF LET'S GET STUFF DONE. Bit of a change of pace from the pointies, I bet!
30th Jan, 2012 14:31 (UTC)
*throw the ball! throw the ball! throw the ball!*

Definitely a change of pace, mine look at balls and pull 'you get it: you threw it!' faces :-D Also, he understands all these words, like 'get the toy, no the other toy, bring it here, no, closer, drop it, sit, give paw, fetch...." Mine consider all those words to be quite unnecessary. They prefer words like 'Tripe' and 'Teatime'...

He has calmed down a bit today, thankfully: I think yesterday was a bit overstimulating.
1st Feb, 2012 21:15 (UTC)
That's such an odd combo. With added squeaker, too!!
11th Feb, 2012 15:12 (UTC)
What a cutie! Is that what they call a corgli? Sad story, though - if he's been a bit spoilt sounds like maybe the ex-owners were using him as a child-substitute, and now the real baby has come along the substitute gets discarded :-(
11th Feb, 2012 16:46 (UTC)
I've never heard 'corgli' before!

Yes, I think you have that 100% right. Out with the old, in with the new :-(

He's a very sweet little guy, I've just popped over the road to visit our neighbour's little girl to give him a kid-test and take a few photos. He passed with flying colours!
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