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A squeaking collie-corgi has landed

He is being rehomed because his previous owners have a baby now :-( 

He is quite little, seems very healthy & playful (and at the moment not very oldie, but probably he will calm down a bit once he's had a chance to settle in).   He's only 9 though, and being part collie and so diddy, might have as much as another 9 years ahead.   I'll need to get him neutered but once that is done I imagine it won't take long to find him a home. 

He's very squeaky. He squeaks when he sees a cat, he squeaks when he wants his tummy rubbed, he squeaks when he's hoping you will throw his ball, he squeaks if he's not sure what's happening next and wants reassurance... I think he may be a bit spoilt!

Philmophlegm's foster dog review: "He looks really freaky because his head's out of all proportion with his body. But he can do stuff.  Mostly your foster dogs are useless".  By this he means that Tommy was prepared to play football with him ... 
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