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Ashes to ashes

I collected Darwin the foster coonhound's ashes today (for some reason it took ages for them to come back). They are in a terribly posh sealed wooden box with his name on the top.  I was expecting a bag in a pot at most, that's what I got last time we had a pet cremated at that vet.    It seems a bit of a major environmental footprint for the  end of a saggy old dog. 

I'm not a big one for keeping remains forever: I don't do graves, and usually don't even ask for the ashes back: I'm not quite sure why I did this time.  I was just planning to take them on one of his favorite walks and let the wind take the ashes, but this thing is a great solid awkward lump (rather appropriate really, Darwin was something of a solid awkward lump too ). Now I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll take a spade and bury it instead.
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