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Happy Mayday

I had intended to get up and see if I could take a may morning sunrise photo as rudely demanded  requested by  </a>ladyofastolat but I was too lazy and didn't.  I didn't make a rhubarb crumble: for some reason I fell in love with some absurdly expensive, evil, imported, out of season blueberries at the Coop and made blueberry muffins instead.

We removed a great number of brambles this morning: I think I can now say that we have actually more or less reclaimed the whole garden up to the top wall!  Admittedly there is a rather dodgy zone in the middle still where there are still some brambles and nettles and misplaced buttercups, but on the whole things are looking good.  All the squash seedlings are now up, apart from 'Pilgrim' which is taking its time. Pumpkin 'Racer f1'  is living up to its title.

I met a nice man called Bob who says I can exercise my dogs in his fields.  That's a good thing as I was already sneakily doing exactly that. But now I can do it officially.

We had the first barbecue of the year this evening (venison sausages, yum).  

While attempting to uproot a small hazel tree I fell over on my bum. 
At first, I thought this was amusing.
Then I realised I'd fallen on the strimmer and the head had come off.  WOE!  that strimmer cost £80! 
Then I looked again at the strimmer head (having retrieved it from the hedge where I had flung it in a brief attack of £80-related fury) and found that it was just missing a screw and was fixable.  HURRAY!
Then I realised that in all the excitement, I had not noticed that the ground I'd fallen onto was full of nettles and they had got me on my back.  I hadn't noticed at first as they were the slow-developing type. WOE!

I finished Belshazzar's Daughter by Barbara Nadell (the Turkish whodunnit advertised by MIL as having 'rude bits'.  She was right: there were rude bits.  If  I'd realised quite how rude, I would probably not have bought it for her for
Christmas.  Still, she seems to have enjoyed it, so no harm done).

The book about Athelstan seems really well written and amusing, which is good.  Better than Peter Rex's Hereward the Wake which I also read recently, and which (amazingly given the thrilling material) sadly came out rather dull. Kingsley's Hereward may be less historical but he is a lot more fun.

edit: I don't know where that has come from up at the top there. It's not in the code.
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